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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - ‘Divine Beast Vah Rudania’ main quest guide and walkthrough

Death Mountain, Gorons and treasure galore await

The Divine Beast Vah Rudania main quest — one of four Divine Beast main quests in Breath of the Wild — takes you to some of the most dangerous terrain in the game. Your path to Death Mountain crosses shrines, fiery enemies, a side quest that will give you some great armor and much more. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do it all.

Table of contents

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Divine Beast Vah Rudania quests

How to get to Death Mountain and Goron City

Ultimately, you’ll need to travel to Death Mountain, which is the giant volcano that looms over Hyrule. There, in Goron City, you’ll speak to the Goron chief and set out on your quest.

There are a few things you should do before you get there, and they begin with a tower and a stable.

Foothill Stable and fireproof elixirs

The closest tower to Death Mountain is Eldin Tower, though Lanayru Tower to its south is also fairly close.

The path between those two towers leads to Foothill Stable, where you can buy fireproof elixirs — and you will need them just to survive. You can get three for 150 rupees, and each offers six minutes, 10 seconds of a fireproof effect. They’re a solid investment for a hot destination, and Gaile is happy to sell them at Foothill Stable.

The recipe to make your own fireproof elixir is as follows:

  • Two fireproof lizards (you’ll find oodles of these on your way to Death Mountain)
  • One Bokoblin horn (which you probably already have a ton of)

Also of note: Four fireproof lizards and a Bokoblin horn will get you 11:10 of resistance, as will four fireproof lizards and a Lizalfos horn.

Mo’a Keet shrine is next to Foothill Stable, too, offering a fast travel destination if you need to return to buy or make elixirs.

Starting at Eldin tower

The road just to the north of Eldin Tower is the quickest path to Goron City. Just paraglide off to get there.

If you want more adventure and treasure, you can paraglide southwest of Eldin Tower and begin your journey there. Or, better yet, begin at Foothill Stable, grab your favorite horse, and just take the road. No matter which way you go, your path will be peppered with enemies. Few of them are noteworthy or particularly difficult.

You can take the first part of the journey safely on horseback. At the point where your horse can travel no further (see the map above), you'll need to hop off, climb a bit and start using your heat-resistant elixirs.

As you’re making your way along the road, be on the lookout for fireproof lizards and heat-resistant summerwing butterflies, both of which you can use to cook to battle the heat.

Also keep an eye out for stones that you can break to harvest gems. They tend to cluster inside the caves you’ll be walking through (indicated with dotted lines on the map above) — and they’re all over Death Mountain.

Igneo Talus

And speaking of caves, you’ll enter one that has a conspicuous glowing rock in the middle. That’s an Igneo Talus, which you can defeat for a ton of gems.

Because he runs hot, you won’t be able to climb up him immediately. Instead use an ice-based weapon (like arrows) to cool him down. Then hop up, lock on to the part that protrudes out of his back and whack away.

Qua Raym shrine

You will, along your journey to Goron City, cross paths with Qua Raym shrine, (which you can see at the very south of the map above.) It’s sitting on an island in the middle of a volcanic river, and you need to use magnesis to move four large, metal cubes to create a pathway across. (Make sure that your Sheikah slate is looking for shrines so you don’t miss it. You don’t want to take this long journey any more than you have to.)

Death Mountain Marker #3: Southern Mine and the Flamebreaker armor

The road through Death Mountain has a few markers that allow you to chart your progress. Beyond the third marker, look for a man named Kima running around with an exclamation point above his head. He’ll unlock the Fireproof Lizard Roundup side quest, request 10 fireproof lizards and offer you heat-resistant armor in return. It’s totally worth it. Equip that armor, and you won’t have to worry so much about elixirs.

The easiest way to find fireproof lizards is to snap a picture of them with your camera, and set your Sheikah slate to detect them. Then follow the signals, crouching to grab them. (There are a bunch of fireproof lizards around the Southern Mine.) Collect 10, speak to Kima, and you’ll get Flamebreaker armor.

At the northern end of the Southern Mine, look for several updrafts, which you can ride up with your paraglider. Off the left edge of the road, there’s a bad guy camp, where you can find treasure and enemies to defeat.

How to get the Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest (Goron City)

Continue on the path up Death Mountain. When magma bombs fall from the sky, you’re almost there. Just run through them and dodge if necessary.

Run straight to the back of Goron City, where you’ll meet chief Bludo. He’s at the center back. You’ll get the Divine Beast Vah Rudania main quest and a story about painkillers from him.

Also of note, you can buy the Flamebreaker helm and the Flamebreaker boots at the Goron City shop. To upgrade them at a Fairy Fountain, you’ll need one fireproof lizard and two moblin horns each. You’re going to wear this armor for a while. It’s worth the trip.

Shae Mo'sah shrine

Before you do that, though, make sure to save the waypoint at the Shae Mo'sah shrine, which is just behind and up the hill from where you spoke with the chief. Better yet, beat it using our Shae Mo'sah shrine guide to complete the shrine.

To Yunobo and the Abandoned North Mine

Chief Bludo has a bad back, and his cohort, Yunobo, is missing from an errand where he was going to get painkillers. It’s weird, but it’s your job to find him. Getting there isn’t particularly difficult. Just follow the roads and the waypoint on your map.

Your path to Yunobo involves hopping between platforms sticking out of a lava river, catching updrafts between them, and killing Fire-Breath Lizalfos archers.

There are plenty of combat options, but our favorite is to equip ice arrows and chip away at the Lizalfos archers from a distance. Death Mountain is a hot area, and ice arrows will take them down with one hit. (If you’re short on ice arrows, you can stock up in Goron City, plus you can get some in Shae Mo'sah shrine. You’ll also find a wooden treasure chest in a cave as you make your way across the platforms.)

Freeing Yunobo

When you can’t go any further, you’ll hear Yunobo screaming for help because he can’t get out. Climb to the top of the structure and lift a rock for a Korok Seed. Then paraglide to the closest platform, which has a canon on top of it.

Put a round remote bomb in the canon, and hit the switch with your weapon. As the canon moves, detonate the bomb when the canon is pointed at the rock pile on the other platform. (It's about halfway through the cannon’s movement.) Then paraglide back and talk to Yunobo.

Before you leave, open the treasure chests in the room where Yunobo was for 10 ice arrows and a purple rupee (worth 50 rupees). You can also find some weapons sitting against the wall near the treasure chests and break the pots there for more rupees.

At this point, you could just warp back to Shae Mo'sah shrine, but there’s more to do.

There’s a base filled with Lizalfos in the middle of the lava river near where you freed Yunobo. Beneath it, you’ll find a treasure chest with a Knight’s Bow Attack Up +9. There’s a shrine in the area, too.

Shora Hah shrine (Blue flame)

Turn on your shrine sensor, and you can find Shora Hah shrine hanging out inside a lava cave north of the Lizalfos camp. If you have Revali’s Gale, you can paraglide from platform to platform, and when you get close, just float in. If you don’t have it, trace the mine cart tracks to find your way in. Using the mine carts (the track starts about halfway back to town) is a super easy way to get there. Also, on carts, they’ve got a compartment at the back for a remote bomb, and you don’t take damage.

Back to Bludo

Back at Bludo, the Goron chief, he’ll tell you about Daruk the Goron champion, give you a gift of three fireproof elixirs and send you to find Yunobo again.

To meet Yunobo at Eldin Bridge, follow your marker. This can be confusing, though. You need to go up, so climb the rocks above Goron City if you find yourself running around wondering what the heck’s going on.

You could just walk there, or you can have some fun with mine carts along the way. Hop in, and use stasis to propel them forward. Just past the second mine cart ride, you’ll run past Daqa Toh shrine. It’s among the quickest shrines in Breath of the Wild, so interact with it for a waypoint and check out our Daqa Koh shrine (Stalled flight) guide to make sure you get the treasure chest.

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll see that Yunobo’s being attacked by a pair of Black Moblins. Sneak up on the first one, and use a sneakstrike with your most powerful weapon.

Use Yunobo to lower the bridge, because he has Daruk’s Protection (which you’ll have soon enough). Cross the bridge, and begin your journey to Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

How to get into Divine Beast Vah Rudania (up the mountain)

Divine Beast Vah Rudania deploys sentries. Your job is to make it to the top of the mountain while avoiding them. If you get spotted, magma bombs will fall from the sky (just like they did when you were walking into Goron City).

Yunobo will be following you, and he’s a bit dense. Whistle like you were calling your horse, and Yunobo will follow you or stop. Generally, the best course of action is to have him stop as you get where you need to be, and then call him over when the coast is clear.

Here’s how to make your way up the mountain:

  1. Watch the pattern of the first sentry, and have both of you run under the overhanging rock ahead. Then run again when the sentry doubles back over your head.
  2. Climb the cliff to your left and push a boulder onto the sentry. Pick up the iron sledgehammer here, and use it to break the rocks you find along the way (including a couple up here).
  3. Move the canon left, and call Yunobo to get in. Drop a bomb into the canon, detonate it, and he’ll hit Vah Rudania.
  4. Whistle to tell Yunobo to stay. Climb the cliff to your left. Lift the metallic block with magnesis and use it to hit the sentry. Repeat the process with two more sentries, and smash any rocks for gems you see along the way.
  5. Defeat a Black Mogoblin on your way to the next canon. Then load Yunobo and a bomb inside, turn the canon left and fire to hit Divine Beast Vah Rudania again.
  6. Whistle to tell Yunobo to stay put, then backtrack to pick up a metal slab or cube. Bring that with you to the next sentry, who’s too high to hit. So climb the rock jutting out to your right, pick up the metallic object, and use it to destroy the sentry. (If you can’t hit it, just skip to the next step, which can also encompass the first sentry.)
  7. Sneak around the sentry spotlights, and climb the rock wall or use the updrafts there to get up.
  8. When you get to the top, you’ll find several more metallic cubes to use with magnesis. Pick them up, and smash them into the sentries. When all of the sentries are dead, head back, get Yunobo to follow you and keep heading up the path.
  9. When you’re in sight of the next canon, whistle to get Yunobo to stop. Then kill the two Black Mogoblins protecting the canon.
  10. Whistle to get Yunobo to follow you, load him and a remote bomb in the canon, and hit Divine Beast Vah Rudania once again.

During a cutscene, you’ll glide down to Divine Beast Vah Rudania and automatically interact with the Travel Gate, giving you a waypoint to the beast if you need to leave and return.

Inside of Divine Beast Vah Rudania

There are five terminals to activate inside of Divine Beast Vah Rudania and a ton of treasure chests to find. Our walkthrough will show you the most efficient way to get them all.

Outside: Treasure chest

Turn around and face away from the Travel Gate. Walk down Divine Beast Vah Rudania’s tail to get your first treasure chest and an ancient screw.

Room 1: Three eyeballs, three treasure chests

When you enter Divine Beast Vah Rudania, the lights go out. But you’ll still see three eyeballs in goo. Kill them all with arrows, and each will drop a treasure chest containing:

  • Dragonbone Boko Club (Durability Up +)
  • Five ice arrows
  • Torch (Long Throw)

Equip the torch, light it back where you entered, and light the torch in the northeast corner to get access to the next room.

Room 2: A guardian scout and three more treasure chests

Lighting the torch will open the gate. Put your shield up and enter the room to kill the guardian scout within. Then kill the two glowing eyeballs at the north end of the room. One drops a treasure chest with a Royal Bow.

At the east end of the room, kill another glowing eyeball, and pillage two treasure chests for five arrows each.

Room 3: Guidance Stone and Divine Beast Vah Rudania map

Return to where you entered, light your torch again, and head to the northwest corner of the farthest room. Light a torch there to open a gate. Walk into the room, and head for the map terminal at the far end of the room

Blessedly, that will brighten the inside of Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

When the lights come back on, retrace your steps out of the room, but turn left as you're walking out, and destroy one more eyeball before you leave.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Terminal 1 and a treasure chest

Head back to where you entered, and look for a door covered in ivy in room 1. Destroy it with a fire arrow (or light a regular arrow on fire) to gain access to the next room. Use magnesis to push the doors open, and interact with terminal 1 in the next room.

Before you leave, shoot the ivy on the wall behind terminal 1 to light it on fire. A treasure chest with an Ancient Gear will fall from the ceiling.

One down, four to go.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Terminal 2

To the right of where you entered Divine Beast Vah Rudania, you’ll see a door. Look through the door, and you’ll see an unlit torch.

  1. Light up an arrow (it must be a blue flame), and shoot it through the hole to open the door.
  2. Walk into the room (ignoring the wall of flames), turn left and shoot the ivy on the ceiling with a lit arrow of any color. A large metal cube will fall from above.
  3. Use Divine Beast Vah Rudania’s map to rotate the beast.
  4. Use magnesis to place the large metal cube so that it blocks the fire.
  5. Walk into the room, and rotate Divine Beast Vah Rudania again.
  6. Interact with terminal 2. Doing so sill deactivate the flames.

Two down, three to go.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Terminal 3 and two treasure chests

  1. Walk out of the terminal 2 area, light your torch with a blue flame, and walk to the wall opposite of the door for terminal 2.
  2. Rotate Divine Beast Vah Rudania.
  3. Walk up the ramp.
  4. Turn left, walk off the edge, and light the torch below.

Doing this will open a gate that allows a ball to roll toward and eventually down the ramp. Don’t worry about it for now. The actions you’re about to take will put it where it needs to be, without you giving it a second thought.

Two treasure chests

  1. Walk past the flame you lit until you can see and shoot the eyeball blocking your path.
  2. Shoot it.
  3. Walk out to the first platform, and look underneath the next platform for another eyeball in goo.
  4. Shoot it, too.
  5. Walk past where it was, turn right, and hop over the ledge for a treasure chest with an Ancient Core. (If you have trouble getting back, rotate the map, walk off, and then rotate again.)
  6. Walk all the way down the path away from the torch you lit, and reenter the center of Vah Rudania. You’ll find yourself near the ramp you walked up.
  7. Stand to the left of the ramp, and rotate the map again.
  8. Walk up the ramp (which is now a beam), and open the treasure chest there for a Royal Bow.
  9. Walk back to the base of the beam, and rotate the map to create the ramp once more.

Terminal 3 (continued)

  1. Walk up the ramp, and about three-fourths of the way up, stop and look over the right side to see terminal 3.
  2. Paraglide down, and (if necessary) kill the eyeball in goo preventing you from accessing it. (You can jump over the gap and target it.)
  3. Interact with terminal 3.

Three down, two to go.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Terminal 4

  1. Walk down to the base of the ramp. Remember that torch you lit outside and what we said about it releasing a ball? That’s about to pay off.
  2. Use magnesis to lift the metallic block, which is (ahem) blocking the path of the ball you released earlier.
  3. Jump down into the hole near you.
  4. If necessary, nudge the ball into the hole, which will open a door revealing terminal 4.
  5. Tilt the map and return to the entrance.

Four down, one to go.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Terminal 5

  1. Tilt the map once more, and make your way up the ramp.
  2. Walk all the way up, run left and then paraglide off the ledge above the blue flame that you lit.
  3. Terminal 3 is located on the second platform jutting out below you (as indicated in the gallery above).
  4. Land on the platform, rotate the map, and interact with terminal 5. You win!

Main control unit

Look over the right edge of the platform where terminal 5 sits, and you can see the main control unit below. Jump off the ledge, paraglide down an interact to start your fight with Fireblight Ganon.

Fireblight Ganon boss fight

Like all boss fights in Breath of the Wild, Fireblight Ganon splits his attacks into two phases — one when his health is above 50 percent, another when it’s below.

Fireblight Ganon Phase 1

The trick to defeating Fireblight Ganon is to get close. Underneath, he doesn’t have much of an attack or defense to mount.

If you’re not underneath him, and he performs his sweeping or other sword attacks, block or try to get away from him when he does. If he’s flinging fireballs, run behind pillars for cover.

With the Master Sword, it doesn’t take much to knock his health down below 50 percent and begin the second phase.

Fireblight Ganon Phase 2

Fireblight Ganon’s second phase is mostly about him hanging out above you, hurling a single, large fireball.

If you followed along with our guide above, you should have a good stock of ice arrows at the ready (from treasure chests within Divine Beast Vah Rudania). One shot with them will destroy the fireball. If you don’t have any ice arrows, just hide behind large objects to avoid getting hit.

Don’t try attacking while he’s surrounded by a yellow orb. Nothing will get past him. Except …

To create his fireball, Fireblight Ganon sucks in all that’s around him. This is the key to breaking the attack. Toss a remote bomb his way, and detonate it. That’ll break his shield and make him vulnerable for attack.

Again, with the Master Sword, he goes down quickly. He still has some of his previous attacks (augmented by a flame on the ground), and the safest bet is to avoid them, block them, and at every opportunity make your way underneath him, where he’s most vulnerable, and you’re best able to attack him.

Hurt him enough, and he’ll fall to the ground. This is your opportunity to unleash every attack you have.

Completing the Divine Beast Vah Rudania main quest

Defeat Fireblight Ganon, and you’ll get a heart container. You’ll also receive Daruk’s Protection, which will "automatically protect you from all manner of attacks as long as you’re holding ZL."

After a cutscene, you’ll be warped to Goron City. You must speak to Bludo to complete the Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest. On your way, you’ll run into Yunobo for no particularly good reason. Just walk straight ahead, and talk to the chief.

After your conversation, go into Bludo’s house (behind him), and open a treasure chest there for the Boulder Breaker, a powerful two-handed weapon.