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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Shae Mo'sah shrine location, treasure chests and puzzle solutions

Swinging flames

Shae Mo'sah shrine is located in the Eldin Tower region of northeastern Hyrule. It lies within Goron City, which makes it a fast travel location to the heart of Death Mountain. Also of note, it way outpaces the average for shrine treasure chests.

  1. Use a remote bomb to destroy the ledge near the gate blocking your way out of the first room. (You could totally use a flame arrow, but those are precious. Bombs won’t deplete your inventory.)
  2. Place the barrel that falls down on to the pressure plate to keep the door open. (Fun fact: You could totally just step on the pressure plate, use magnesis to keep it down and run through the door, too.)
  3. Head through the door and follow the left wall until you find a treasure chest containing a Stone Smasher with Attack Up +16.
  4. Head away from the treasure chest, turn right and kill the three guardian scouts in the area.
  5. Open the treasure chest by the rightmost guardian for a ruby.
  6. Walk up the ramp, past the next ramp and turn left until you find a treasure chest with 10 ice arrows.
  7. Retrace your steps and walk up to the top of the ramp.
  8. Use magnesis on the hanging lantern to pull it back to you. Let go, and it will swing to the foliage on the wall, burn the wooden platform and release a rolling metal ball.
  9. Walk the down the hallway and turn left until you find another pressure plate.
  10. Stand on the pressure plate, which will open a gate, dislodge the ball, which will roll and turn the mechanism. That’ll open the door down the hallway. Run through. (If you miss your opening, don’t worry. Just stand on the pressure place and cast stasis on it. That’ll give you enough time to run through.)
  11. Open the treasure chest for a Small Key.
  12. Walk up the ramp, and retrace your steps past where you walked up (after defeating the guardians).
  13. Use the Small Key in the locked door.
  14. Use a remote bomb to destroy the wooden platform at the far end of the next room, and (just like you did in the first room) place the barrel that falls onto the pressure plate. (Or just use the stasis trick.)
  15. Meet Shae Mo'sah and collect your spirit orb.

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