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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Shora Hah shrine location, treasure chests and puzzle solutions

Blue flame

How to find Shora Hah shrine

Shora Hah shrine is located beyond Goron City, on Death Mountain, in northeastern Hyrule. It’s also among Breath of the Wild’s most complicated shrines.

How to solve the puzzles and find all treasure chests in Shora Hah shrine

  1. Use magnesis to lift and walk underneath the spiked platform blocking your way.
  2. Turn left, walk up the stairs, and use magnesis to move the sliding platforms to the left, so you can reach the platform to your left.
  3. Hop to the platform and open the treasure chest for a Royal Bow.
  4. Jump from the sliding platforms you moved to the staircase to pick up and light the torch.
  5. Rearrange the sliding platforms so you can walk down from the stairs and light the torch that opens the gate in front of you.
  6. Light an arrow with the blue flame and walk through the opened gate to shoot the torch in the distance. (This will cause a platform to the torch’s left to move up and down.)
  7. Light an arrow off of the torch you lit, and turn left of the torch to shoot another arrow at the torch on the platform moving up and down. (This will deploy the missing part of the staircase beyond the first torch you lit.)
  8. Walk back past the first torch you lit, up the staircase and step on the pressure plate.
  9. Avoid the giant spiked ball (either by running away or using stasis and then getting out of the way), walk up the ramp and fight the four guardian scouts on the next level.
  10. Open the two treasure chests where the guardian scouts used to be for a Giant Ancient Core and a Great Flameblade Attack Up + 18.
  11. Light your torch with the blue flame on the platform moving up and down (just down the stairs from where you fought the guardians), and use that to light the torch and open the gate.
  12. Use your torch to light the lone torch out front. Then move to one side, and use a regular arrow that you light from the torch to shoot across the two remaining torches, which will light as the arrow passes above them..
  13. Light another torch beyond the gate.
  14. Light your arrow with a torch, and fire it at the two torches on the platforms moving between the fountains. (This will freeze the platforms in place.)
  15. Use your paraglider and the updrafts to cross to the second platform with the torch.
  16. Light another arrow from the torch on the platform, and shoot the torch to your upper left.
  17. Use the updraft to cross to the next area, which has a sliding metal platform and a water fountain in the distance.
  18. Light the torch on the metal platform.
  19. Use stasis on the water fountain and quickly …
  20. … use magnesis to push the sliding metal platform past the water fountain.
  21. Catch the updraft on the far end of the platform, turn left and paraglide to the platform with a treasure chest to get a silver rupee worth 100 rupees.
  22. Catch the updraft again to find a treasure chest next to a pillar across from the last treasure chest for a Forest Dweller’s Sword Durability Up +.
  23. Catch the updraft back beyond where you slid the metal platform, and either fight the guardians or use an arrow lit with a blue flame to burn them to death and avoid the fight.
  24. Up the stairs past the guardians, open a treasure chest for 10 ice arrows.
  25. Light your torch again at the closest blue flame (which should be the one on the metal platform).
  26. Return to the area past where you fought the guardians, and light the torch standing alone.
  27. Walk to the middle of the seven torches arranged in a circle, and perform a charge attack to light them all in quick succession.
  28. Meet Shora Hah, and collect your spirit orb.

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