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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: A Test of Will shrine quest walkthrough (Joloo Nah shrine)

Joloo Nah apparatus

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s A Test of Will shrine quest leads, ultimately, to Joloo Nah shrine. But as with so many quests, there are things you must do first.

How to get A Test of Will shrine quest

Breath of the Wild’s A Test of Will shrine quest is located at the far eastern corner of the Gerudo Tower area. (It’s actually closer to Central Tower.) In your exploration of the area (use the map above for precise coordinates), you’ll find three Gorons hanging out. Speak to them, and they’ll offer you a challenge that boils down (ahem) to standing on a hot platform and not dying.

Accept their challenge, and you’ll get the A Test of Will shrine quest. Don’t jump in just yet, though.

How to survive the A Test of Will shrine quest

In short, you can’t survive the heat on your own — and the challenge gets more difficult at about the moment you think it’s over.

The key to completing both phases is to use a fireproof elixir. You can purchase these at Foothill Stable near the Mo’a Keet shrine. Or, if you run around the surrounding area collecting fireproof lizards, you can make your own — provided you have Bokoblin horns (or other horns).

The recipe to make your own fireproof elixir is as follows:

  • Two fireproof lizards
  • One Bokoblin horn

Stir them up in a cooking pot, and you’ll get a few minutes where you’re impervious to heat. Add more fireproof lizards to increase the length of the status effect.

In the first phase of the Test of Will, you can wear the Flamebreaker armor (which you can purchase in Goron City). In the second phase, you can’t. So, really, drinking fireproof elixir is the way to go.

In both phases, all you have to do is speak to the Gorons, and stand there enduring the heat. Survive, and Juloo Nah shrine will appear.

Joloo Nah shrine

The first room
  1. In the first room, interact with the terminal, and move your controller around so that all points on the cube in front of you become electrified. (That’ll open a gate blocking your path.)
The second room
  1. In the second room, interact with the terminal and move the cube with fans so that it forms an X-shaped pattern and blows three fourths of the pinwheels.
  2. Use magnesis to lift the large metal blockTest of Will, and move it from its starting point to the platform immediately to its right. It needs to land on the pressure plate in the front right corner, which will lift pinwheel.
  3. Adjust the wind if necessary, and paraglide from the top of the platform (up the stairs from the terminal), using the draft to propel you into the corner with the treasure chest for a Golden Claymore Long Throw.
  4. If necessary, readjust the cube with the fans so that the X-shaped pattern is blowing all of the raised pinwheels, then disconnect from the terminal.
  5. Jump from the top of the platform with the terminal (like you did for the treasure chest), but this time land where the large metal cube used to be.
  6. Step on the pressure plate.
  7. Use stasis to freeze the pressure plate in place.
  8. Run through the open gate while stasis is still in effect.
The third room
  1. In the third room (the one with the water fountains), shoot a flame arrow onto the foliage in the middle of the room, knocking the treasure chest down. Collect the Gerudo Spear Durability Up.
  2. Place the treasure chest onto the pressure plate in front of the left column.
  3. At this point, you can move the cube with your controller to light each torch from the torch suspended from the ceiling. Or (this was much easier for us), you can just light a couple, then leave the terminal and light the remaining torches with fire arrows. When all torches are lit, the final gate opens.
  4. Walk to Joloo Nah and collect your spirit orb.