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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Daqa Koh shrine location and puzzle solutions

Stalled flight

How to find Daqa Koh shrine

Daqa Koh shrine is located in northeastern Hyrule, in the Eldin Tower region, southeast of Goron City.

How to solve the Daqa Koh shrine puzzles and find the treasure chest

  1. From where you enter, walk forward and fall down into the hole.
  2. When the launcher shoots you up into the air, deploy your paraglider at the highest point and glide on top of the block in the middle.
  3. Face the wall where you entered, turn to your left, and do the same thing you just did: Deploy your paraglider at your highest point.
  4. Float toward the treasure chest on a ledge, where you can collect a silver rupee worth 100 rupees.
  5. Make your way back onto the top block like in step 2 above.
  6. Turn around and face away from where you entered. Your your exit is ahead, and will only open when the block is at its highest point (and the green electrical thing in the middle is touching the top.)
  7. At your highest point, use stasis on the block beneath you. That will freeze it in place temporarily.
  8. Paraglide off, through the open gate, and meet Daqa Koh shrine for your spirit orb.

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