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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Trial of Thunder shrine quest, Toh Yahsa shrine and the Rubber Armor

Buried secrets

How to get the Trial of Thunder shrine quest

Travel to Ridgeland Tower, in northwest Hyrule. The Trial of Thunder shrine quest begins on Thundra Plateau, which is right next to the tower. (It’s the area with the huge plants with flat tops.)

As soon as you arrive, you’ll receive the Trial of Thunder shrine quest. You don’t need to talk to anyone or do anything else. All you have to do is get there.

How to complete the Trial of Thunder shrine quest and reveal Toh Yahsa shrine

Your goal is to move four orbs in the vicinity and drop them into the correct bowls, but it’s more challenging that it might seem. There’s a thunderstorm in the area, and it’s not going away, which limits your options. Here’s how to find every orb, knock them off their perches and get them where they need to be.

  1. Red orb. Look for the platform with the red orb (as shown in the gallery above). Climb up, use stasis on the orb and hit it in the direction of Thundra Plateau. When it lands on the plateau, pick it up and put it in the bowl in front of the pillar that has the same markings as the orb.
  2. Purple orb. The purple orb is just sitting right out in the open on top of Thundra Plateau. Pick it up, and put it in its bowl.
  3. Green orb. While standing on Thundra Plateau, look up, and you’ll see a pillar with a green orb on top. Hit the orb with an arrow, and it’ll fall off its perch. Put it in its bowl.
  4. Orange orb. While standing on Thundra Plateau, scan the horizon for an orange orb sitting on top of the pillar. (See the image in the gallery for reference.) Go to it, and do the same thing you did with the green orb: Knock it off with an arrow. Between the pillar where the orange orb was sitting and Thundra Plateau, you’ll see a raised area of the ground. Place the orange orb there, use stasis on the orb and (just like you did with the red orb), hit it so that it flies onto Thundra Plateau. Climb up (the easiest path is in the gallery above), and put it in its bowl.

When all of the orbs are in their bowls, Toh Yahsa shrine will rise from the ground.

How to solve Toh Yahsa shrine and get the Rubber Armor

  1. The area beneath where you arrive is full of large rock cubes. Break them all with remote bombs to reveal two treasure chests and a pressure plate at the back of the room.
  2. Underneath the platform on which you arrived, you’ll find an alcove. Inside, open the treasure chest for the Rubber Armor, which protects you against electrical damage. (The Rubber Armor is part of a set that protects you against lightning damage. You can find the Rubber Tights in Qukah Nata shrine, which is part of the A Song of Storms shrine quest.)
  3. Use magnesis on the large metal cube, lift it up, and knock the treasure chest off of the platform near the wall. Open the treasure chest for an opal.
  4. On the floor directly ahead of where you arrived, use magnesis on the large metal cube again, and place it between the low platform and the area with ladders that you can’t reach.
  5. Climb up the cube, and destroy the three remaining stone blocks with a bomb.
  6. While standing on the platform where the stone blocks once blocked your path, use magnesis on the large metal cube one last time. Move it around to the pressure plate on the far side of the platform where you’re standing. (It may be difficult or even impossible to see. Just make your best guess as to where the middle is, and drop it. If you’re successful, the gate above you will open.)
  7. Climb the ladder, meet Toh Yahsa, and collect your spirit orb.

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