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Great Fairy Fountain locations in Breath of the Wild

Where to find Great Fairy Cotera, Mija, Kayasa and Tera

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features the iconic Great Fairy Fountains found in most Zelda games. While these fountains are great places to stock up on fairies, they serve a bigger purpose in Breath of the Wild.

Fairy Fountains allow you to upgrade each piece of armor you own, provided you have the right items to upgrade each piece of armor. For every Fairy Fountain you visit, the Great Fairies you find will be able to upgrade your armor another level. So after you met the first Great Fairy, she can upgrade each piece of armor to level one. When you meet the second, either Great Fairy can upgrade armor to level two and so on.

There are four Great Fairies throughout Hyrule. Be forewarned: For each Great Fairy you find, they’ll need an increasingly larger amount of rupees to “wake up,” topping out at 10,000 rupees!


Great Fairy Cotera
Nintendo via Polygon

Great Fairy Cotera is likely to be the first Great Fairy you find, as she’s at the top of the hill in Kakariko Village. Find the Tal'noh Naeg shrine, and head into the forest behind it. If she’s the first Great Fairy you’ve found, she’ll need 100 rupees to wake up.

Great Fairy Mija
Nintendo via Polygon

Great Fairy Mija is located to the northeast, directly east of Akkala Tower. If you head east from Akkala Tower, glide over Lake Akkala, you’ll see a forest on the cliffside. Head into the forest, and there you will find her. If she’s your second Great Fairy, she’ll cost you 500 rupees.

Great Fairy Kayasa
Nintendo via Polygon

Great Fairy Kayasa is in the west of Hyrule, just south of Tabantha Tower. To find her, just glide south of the tower until you find a plateau slightly southeast of there. If you look at your map, you’re aiming for the plateau with a small lake. If she’s your third Great Fairy, get ready to shell out 1,000 rupees for her services.

Great Fairy Tera
Nintendo via Polygon

Great Fairy Tera is the most out-of-the-way fairy you’ll meet. She’s tucked under a skeleton all the way in the southwest of the map in Gerudo Desert just a bit southwest from Dragon’s Exile. We recommend adding a pin to skeleton you see on the map and then riding a sand seal straight in that direction.

It’s a straight shot from Gerudo Town, but you might hit a sandstorm on the way there, which will disable your entire Sheikah Slate, which knocks out your map. As long as you were heading in a straight direction from Gerudo Town, you’ll eventually see the skeleton Tera is hiding under. If she’s the last Great Fairy you meet, get ready to drop a massive 10,000 rupees.

If you’re low on cash, simply check out our rupee farming with bowling guide.

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