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Shrouded Shrine quest in the Typhlo Ruins

If you’re scared of the dark, you might hate this quest

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild occasionally hides shrines inside locales that you must explore to find the shrine hidden within. Just north of The Lost Woods is a small forest surrounded by a moat and called the Typhlo Ruins. Upon entering the forest, you’ll notice it’s drenched in darkness.

The entrance to The Shrouded Shrine quest in the Typhlo Ruins
Nintendo via Polygon

Enter the darkness, and a voice will challenge you to complete the Shrouded Shrine quest. Outside of the few lit torches, Luminous Stones and glowing mushrooms, there is zero light inside this forest.

You can figure out the path through the forest with our video or with the screenshots below.

HOW TO BEAT THE SHROUDED SHRINE QUEST and find the Ketoh Wawai shrine

Nintendo via Polygon

Despite being completely covered in darkness, the Shroud Shrine quest is really easy to conquer. Once you make your way into the forest, you’ll see a lone torch and a statue of a bird. Grab the torch and light the statue.

Continue forward following the direction the birds are facing. As long as you follow the direction of where the birds are facing, you’ll find your path to the shrine.

As you continue forward from the beginning of the forest, you’ll find a few more pairs of statues. Follow the statue that is pointing ahead and be sure to light every bird statue you see in case you get lost.

In the next section, you’ll come across several lone statues pointing forward with the next one only a few steps ahead. At a certain point, you’ll notice a statue facing right, but there’s a chest behind it. Picking up the chest will make you unlight your torch, which is why we recommend lighting each torch, so you can relight it.

No light? Use a rune!
Nintendo via Polygon

If for some reason your torch breaks or you weren’t lighting torches and you’re stuck in complete darkness, the Stasis and Magnesis runes actually semi-highlight their surroundings when active, so you can use either in a pinch. Also, if you’ve completed the Divine Beast Vah Rudania main quest, you can use Daruk’s Protection to light the area around you.

After you make your first right turn, the length between statues becomes a bit longer, but as long as you’re going forward and following the direction of the birds, you’re fine.

You’ll eventually make a left turn, and you’ll run into some wolves and a few platforms. Atop the platforms you can find more torches. Remember, light the torch before you open the chest here or you’ll be in the dark. (You can choose to deal with the wolves or run past them, but to make your life easier, take them out by dropping your torch on the floor first, then choose a real weapon.)

As you proceed forward, you’ll see some mushrooms in the dark, so you know you’re heading the right way. Make a left and move through the grass field until you make another left until you pass through a cave.

Make a right, pass through some small ruins and make a slight left until you meet a statue pressed up against some rock. Follow that until you hit a wall and walk left along the wall toward the next statue.

Follow it forward, and you’ll spy a statue around the corner as you exit the small ruins area. Follow that statue. The next statue will have a torch and is pointing toward an area where need to drop a ball into it to activate.

Nintendo via Polygon

Moving forward from there, you’ll see something floating in the dark. It’s the ball! Unfortunately, that ball is attached to a Hinox you must fight.

At first, all you’ll see is the Hinox’s eye and the ball floating in the dark
Nintendo via Polygon

Defeat the Hinox by shooting its eye. Hitting it in the eye will cause it to fall over, allowing you to hit it with your weapon. (Charged attacks with powerful two-handed weapons work great on a Hinox.)

Once the Hinox is defeated, grab the ball and place it into the hole. From there, your shrine, Ketoh Wawai, will rise from the ground, and your Shroud Shrine quest is complete.

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