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Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Toto Sah shrine location and puzzle solutions

Toto Sah apparatus

How to find Toto Sah shrine

Toto Sah shrine is hidden behind a rock wall on the bank of a river southeast of Dueling Peaks Tower. The easiest way to destroy the rock wall is to swim to a rock outcropping upriver, toss a remote bomb into the river and, when it floats in front of the wall, detonate the bomb.

How to solve Toto Sah shrine and find its treasure chests

All of the rotation solutions appear in the gallery above.

  1. Rotate the first puzzle so that it creates a bridge to the next platform and has a treasure chest with a Shield of the Mind’s Eye Shield Guard Up + 20.
  2. Rotate the next puzzle so that the three staircases are all in the middle, and they create a path to the next platform.
  3. Rotate the next puzzle so that you expose the treasure chest with the small key. Get it and return to the control mechanism.
  4. Rotate the same puzzle again to create a path to the next platform. the stairs should be to the right and close to you.
  5. Meet Toto Sah, and collect your spirit orb.

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