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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Sheh Rata shrine location and puzzle solutions

Speed of light

How to find Sheh Rata shrine

Sheh Rata shrine is in the Lanayru Tower region, right around the corner from Wetland Stable.

How to solve Sheh Rata shrine

  1. Turn right from where you begin, hop off the side of the platform, and open the treasure chest.
  2. Return to where you entered, and rotate the spiked wheel. That’ll move the platform with the laser, so that the laser trips the sensor and raises the water.
  3. Swim straight ahead from where you began, and enter the room (now that the water’s raised).
  4. Use magnesis to pick up the barrel and place it in the water, directly above the underwater switch. (Push the barrel underwater while you’re holding it with magnesis to find the exact positioning, and then just let it float to the surface when it’s in place.)
  5. Use cryonis to create an ice block about halfway between the door out of the room with the barrel and the platform with the laser.
  6. Climb to the top of the ice block.
  7. Aim your bow and arrow at the switch that the laser tripped.
  8. Fire.
  9. While the arrow is still in the air, jump off of the ice block, and paraglide into the room with the switch. The water level will fall, the barrel will trip the switch, and you’ll gain access to the end of the shrine.
  10. Go meet Sheh Rata and collect your spirit orb.

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