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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Rin Oyaa shrine

Directing the wind

How to find Rin Oyaa shrine

Rin Oyaa shrine is located north of Hebra Tower. Stand on the tower during the day, and you can see it in the distance along the road.

How to beat Rin Oyaa shrine and get the treasure chest

  1. Use magnesis to move either of the large metal cubes to the area above and to the left of the ramp. (We’ll come back to this in a minute.)
  2. Pick up the ball, and set it down in front of the fan.
  3. Use stasis on the ball, run up onto the ramp, and wait for stasis to wear off.
  4. Ride the platform up, when stasis wears off and the fan pushes the ball into the hole.
  5. Head toward where you put the large metal cube earlier, and use it to jump across the caps to the treasure chest and its Ancient Core.
  6. Backtrack, meet Rin Oyaa, and collect your spirit orb.

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