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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Sha Gehma shrine

Shift and lock

How to find Sha Gehma shrine

You can find Sha Gehma shrine north of Hebra Tower, in the far north Tabantha Snowfield.

How to solve Sha Gehma shrine and get the treasure chests

  1. Walk up the ramp to the second level.
  2. Use magnesis to lift the large metal cube high above your head. It helped us to put it on the platforms, just to give us a few moments to prepare the next step.
  3. Use stasis on the large metal cube.
  4. While it’s frozen in place, jump down to the treasure chest and collect the small key.
  5. Before you leave, walk up the ramp and off the side to get the treasure chest with a Royal Broadsword Durability Up.
  6. Use the small key, meet Sha Gehma, and collect your spirit orb.

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