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Master of the Wind shrine quest (Shai Yota shrine)

Shai Yota’s blessing

Where to find the Master of the Wind shrine quest

The Master of the Wind shrine quest is located in Horon Lagoon, in the Lanaryu Tower region of southeastern Hyrule. When you arrive, listen for Kaas’ telltale accordion music. Find and speak to him, and he’ll sing you a song that tells you how to find the shrine.

In short, your goal is to search the area looking for a handful of breakable rocks (all of which you can see in the gallery above. When you find them, break them with remote bombs. Then climb the c-shaped rock area in the middle, and paraglide to the orange platform without touching down. That will reveal Shai Yota shrine. All you need to do is enter, open the treasure chest to collect a Great Flameblade Durability + and meet Shai Yota for your spirit orb.

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