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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Jitan Sa'mi shrine location and strategy guide

Jitan Sa'mi’s blessing

How to find Jitan Sa'mi shrine

Jitan Sa'mi shrine is a hidden shrine sitting atop Mount Lanayru in eastern Hyrule. It’s in the Hateno Tower region. Just make your way up the mountain, and you’ll find it in the Spring of Wisdom (where you’ll also find Naydra the dragon).

How to defeat Naydra the dragon

You need to target a few of the eyeballs in Malice goo covering Naydra. To do this, use the environment and updrafts coupled with your bow and arrow.

You’re on the top of a mountain, and you’re surrounded by wind. Use it to your advantage, take to the skies, and pull out your bow and arrow to slow time and target the eyeballs. Naydra will fly to different positions after you shoot each eye. Climb and descend the mountain to get close. Then take to the skies.

Clear the goo, and Naydra will return to the Spring of Wisdom. Weird as it may sound, you’ll need to shoot Naydra with an arrow. That’ll dislodge Naydra’s Scale. Pick it up, walk into the water, and put it down. That’ll grant you access to Jitan Sa'mi shrine (behind the spring).

Inside Jitan Sa'mi shrine, you’ll find a Frostspear Attack Up +4 and, of course, a spirit orb.

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