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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Hawa Koth shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

The current solution

How to find Hawa Koth shrine

Hawa Koth shrine is located in far southwestern Hyrule, southwest of Gerudo Town. You'll need to navigate through a sandstorm to get there, so use the images in the gallery above to find

How to solve Hawa Koth shrine and find the treasure chest

  1. Use magnesis to put the two large metal cubes in the middle of the room as pictured in the gallery above. That’ll create a current to open the first door.
  2. Use magnesis again to untangle the metal ball on a chain that’s wrapped around a column, and place it near the crystal. That’ll create a current to activate a nearby lift.
  3. Take the lift up, walk forward, and look over the right side of the bridge into the water. Use magnesis to pull the treasure chest out of the water, put it on dry land, and open it for an Ancient Core.
  4. Backtrack, pick up the electric ball, and carry about halfway across the bridge, avoiding the crystals along the way.
  5. Look to your right, and you’ll see a switch above a door. Use magnesis to place the electric ball on the switch, which will open the door. Walk in, and open the treasure chest for a gold rupee (worth 300 rupees).
  6. Use magnesis on the electric ball again, and carry it to the end of the bridge.
  7. Place the electric ball in the socket on the left. That’ll make a gear start turning.
  8. Walk into the room through the door on the wall opposite of the socket.
  9. Use a combination of magnesis on the sliding metal cubes and the pressure plate on the floor to manipulate the stone blocks so that all three line up and create a current.
    The trick is to hold onto the metal cubes with magnes so that they restrict the movement of the right two stone blocks. Wedge the closest stone block in the middle behind the sliding metal cubes, then step off of the pressure plate. That’ll line them up and create a current that opens the gated area in the room.
  10. Use magnesis to lift up the gear, and set it down nearby.
  11. Open the treasure chest that was beneath the gear for a sapphire.
  12. Use magnesis to carry the gear into the previous room, and place it on the wall to the left of the door where a gear is missing.
  13. Walk through the door, meet Hawa Koth, and collect your spirit orb.

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