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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest (Tawa Jinn shrine) walkthrough

Tawa Jinn’s blessing

How to find The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest (and Tawa Jinn shrine)

The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest (which leads to Tawa Jinn shrine) begins in southwest Hyrule, south of Hateno Tower, near Taran Pass. To find the exact location, look for the structure surrounded by bones (pictured above), and use the gallery above.

When you arrive, approach and read the stone tablet to begin The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest.

The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest and Tawa Jinn shrine

The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest requires you to defeat three Hinox brothers: Oldest Kin, Middle Kin and Youngest Kin.

They’re all in the immediate area surrounding where you got the shrine quest. Just follow the direction of the three round stones. The best strategies for defeating Hinoxes involve a combination of things:

  • First, approach quietly so you can get the first hit.
  • Alternatively, climb up the bony structures surrounding the sleeping Hinoxes and begin your attacks with an eye strike.
  • Shoot their eyes.
  • Fire arrows are particularly effective.
  • Use two-handed weapon charged attacks (with your most powerful weapons) to chain multiple hits together.

Each will drop a ball (or an orb, if you prefer) that you need to carry back to where you got the quest and place in the appropriate round stone (or pedestal, if you prefer). Your efforts will reveal Tawa Jinn shrine, where there’s nothing to do but open a treasure chest with a Great Thunderblade Long Throw and meet Tawa Jinn to collect your spirit orb.

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