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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Yah Rin shrine location and puzzle solutions

A weighty decision

How to find Yah Rin shrine

Yah Rin shrine is located in southwest Hyrule, in the Faron Tower region, just above Lurelin Village. Use the maps in the gallery above to find the exact location.

How to solve Yah Rin shrine’s puzzles and find its treasure chests

  1. Step on the left weight (the one with the large metal cube).
  2. Use magnesis to put the cube on the other weight and make your way to the next room.
  3. Defeat the Guardian Scout.
  4. Use magnesis to bring the treasure chest behind the gate to you, and open it for a Royal Broadsword Long Throw.
  5. Backtrack and use magnesis to bring the large metal cube back to the treasure chest area, and place it on the pressure weight behind the small fence.
  6. Use magnesis to bring the large metal cube and the treasure chest into the next room, and place one each on the front left and right weights. (It doesn’t matter which you place where.)
  7. While standing on the front left weight, lift up whatever object you placed on it. That’ll raise the weight, allowing you to walk to get the treasure chest with an opal.
  8. From the platform with the treasure chest, use magnesis to put either of the objects on the far right weight to lower it.
  9. Walk onto the closest weight, and then walk onto the lowered weight.
  10. Use magnesis to lift the object on the weight you’re on, which will lift it up.
  11. Walk off, meet Yah Rin, and collect your spirit orb.