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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: A fragmented monument shrine quest (Kah Yah shrine) walkthrough

Quick thinking

How to find A fragmented monument shrine quest

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s A fragmented monument shrine quest (which leads to Kah Yah shrine) begins in Palmorae Ruins, east of Lurelin Village in southeast Hyrule’s Faron Tower region. You can use the maps in the gallery above to find it, or you can begin your journey organically in Lurelin Village. Find Zuta, a little boy, running around, and speak to him. He’ll straight up run you to the location where the shrine quest begins.

Among some ruins on the beach, you’ll meet Garini, a man who’s looking for three fragments. They’re all scattered in the surrounding area (though one takes a bit of a hike to find).

How to find the fragments

As Garini said, the fragments are a bit easier to find at night, so create a fire and rest until the evening, if you like. If you’re just looking for the locations, check out the gallery above Or, if you’re into text, here are the fragment locations:

  • The first fragment is located on the beach, behind some palm trees east of Garini
  • The second fragment is located in the water, in an outcropping west of Garini, just beyond some crates and barrels
  • The third fragment is located at the end of the curly peninsula next to a palm tree

Find each fragment, take a picture with your Sheikah slate, and return to Garini. The next step is to walk to one of the round platforms and kneel. Garini will do the same, and Kah Yah shrine will appear.

How to solve Kah Yah shrine (Quick thinking) and find its treasure

  1. Walk up the left ramp, pick up a barrel, and set it down on the left side of the moving platform.
    This will allow you (and the barrel) to avoid the first obstacle on the right and prepare you for the second obstacle.
  2. When the platform begins to move, crouch to avoid the second obstacle in your way.
  3. The moment you clear the obstacle you had to crouch to avoid, pick up the barrel and move to the right side of the platform to avoid the third obstacle.
  4. When the moving platform reaches its destination, place the barrel on the pressure plate.
    This will open a gate back by where you first walked onto the moving platform.
  5. Backtrack to where you first walked on the moving platform, and enter the room, to open a treasure chest with the small key. At this point, you could leave, but then you’d miss the second treasure chest.
  6. Walk up the right platform, and place a barrel on the moving platform.
  7. Equip your bow and arrow.
  8. Shoot the switch on your right, just after the two columns. That’ll open the gate.
  9. Turn around immediately.
  10. Shoot the switch again. That’ll open another gate.
  11. Drop the barrel on the pressure plate. That’ll open up a door by where you got your barrels.
  12. Backtrack (hop off the platform to recover your precious arrows) to the right ramp.
  13. In the door whose gate just opened, open the treasure chest for a Royal Claymore Long Throw.
  14. Head to the exit through the center ramp, use the small key to open the door, and meet Kah Yah for your spirit orb.

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