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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Zalta Wa shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Two orbs to guide you

How to find Zalta Wa shrine

Zalta Wa shrine is located in southeast of Ridgeland Tower, near the Breach of Demise canyon.

Zalta Wa shrine puzzles and treasure chests

  1. Shoot the orange orb off of the column to the right of where you enter. That’ll knock it off, put it in its bowl and open a gate that reveals the second orange orb.
  2. Pick up the second orange orb, stand on the pressure plate on the left side of the room, and throw the the orb into its bowl inside the room. That’ll cause a platform above you to move.
  3. Walk to the center of the room and stand in front of the switch on a patch of discolored ground that’s actually a launcher. As the moving platform above you gets close, hit the switch with your weapon. The launcher will deploy, you’ll fly into the air and (possibly with some paragliding) land inside of the moving platform.
  4. Exit the moving platform and walk up the left ramp.
  5. Look over the ledge to see a treasure chest that you can paraglide down to for a Royal Bow Attack Up + 10.
  6. Make your way back up the ramp, meet Zalta Wa, and collect your spirit orb.

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