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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Maag No'rah shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Maag No'rah’s blessing

How to find Maag No'rah shrine

The most difficult thing about Maag No'rah shrine is finding the darn thing. Maag No'rah shrine is hidden in a cave located in northwest of Ridgeland Tower (or southeast of Hebra Tower).

The easiest way to find it is to travel to an area labeled Maritta Echange Ruins on your map. When you arrive, look at the cliffs to the southwest, and you’ll see a patch of grey rocks. You need to destroy those rocks (with remote bombs or bomb arrows), and climb the cliff to enter Maag No'rah shrine.

It’s tough to find, so use the gallery above to orient yourself.

Maag No'rah shrine

Inside Maag No'rah shrine, just walk to the treasure chest to collect your silver rupee, and meet Maag No'rah to collect your spirit orb.

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