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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Two Rings shrine quest walkthrough, location and Sheem Dagoze shrine

Moving in parallel

How to find The Two Rings shrine quest

The Two Rings shrine quest is located in south of Ridgeland Tower, northwest of Jeddo Bridge. When you arrive in the area, listen for Kass, the Rito playing the accordion. Speak to him, and he’ll give you the shrine quest.

The solution is difficult. You need to fire an arrow so that it arcs through two of the rocks with holes in the immediate area. Check out the gallery above to see the location where you need to stand and fire, and just keep making small adjustments and firing until you hear the telltale song of success. Also, pick up the arrows you’ve fired to get them back into your inventory. (As you’ll see above, even standing in the correct location, we shout about a million of them, give or take.) Fire correctly, and you'll unveil Sheem Dagoze shrine.

Sheem Dagoze shrine puzzles and treasure chests

  1. Step on the pressure plates to make the balls roll into the receptacles at the bottom left and right of the ramps. It’s not difficult and basically amounts two walking between them as you watch the balls roll down the ramps.
  2. Paraglide down to the are between the two ramps in the distance, turn left, and you’ll find a treasure chest with a Great Thunderblade Durability Up.
  3. Step on the pressure plate to activate a platform that will take you back to where you came from.
  4. Make your way back to the platform where you began, meet Sheem Dagoze, and collect your spirit orb.

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