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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Tena Ko’sah shrine location and strategy

A major test of strength

How to find Tena Ko’sah shrine

Tena Ko’sah shrine is located to the south of Tabantha Tower by the Ancient Columns (which are also part of Breath of the Wild’s Captured Memories main quest). Check out the gallery above for its precise location.

Tena Ko’sah shrine fight and rewards

Inside Tena Ko’sah shrine, you’ll face a major test of strength, which involves a Guardian Scout IV. This is at tough as it gets. In addition to the video above (which is for Sass Ko’sah shrine, but the same principles apply), here are some tips:

  • Use Guardian weapons, because they’re the most powerful against their namesakes.
  • You can buy yourself time with weapons and bows powered with frost and electric damage.
  • Buy the ancient armor from the Akkala Tech Lab. It gives you great Guardian defense, and this is pretty much exactly the situation you’d buy it for. (We’re wearing it in the video above, which explains why we can take the Guardian Scout IV’s punishment.)

Your enemy wields an Ancient Battle Axe++ Long Throw, a Guardian Shield++ Durability Up and a Guardian Sword++ Durability Up, all of which you’ll get as a reward for defeating the Guardian Scout IV. (You can see the details in the gallery above, too.) You'll also find a treasure chest with a Royal Halberd Critical Hit on your way out, just before meeting Tena Ko'sah and collecting your spirit orb.

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