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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Guardian Slideshow shrine quest (Shoqa Tatone shrine) locations and walkthrough

Roscoe the ball and a modest test of strength

How to get the Guardian Slideshow shrine quest

The Guardian Slideshow shrine quest begins on Puffer Beach, in far southern Hyrule. It’s just about directly south of Lake Tower. (Browse the gallery above for the precise location.)

There, under a strange overhanging rock formation, you’ll meet Loone (as good a name as we can imagine for a character who speaks to a ball named Roscoe). She’s obsessed with Guardians, and you’ll need to find and take pictures of three kinds. When you return to her, you’ll get Roscoe the ball and unearth Shoqa Tatone shrine.

Where to find the three guardians for the Guardian Slideshow shrine quest

Warp to Katah Chuki shrine, and climb the rock walls above it. (If you can’t warp to Katah Chuki shrine, use the map in the gallery above to make your way there.)

From the area immediately surrounding Katah Chuki shrine, you use your camera to take pictures of a Guardian Stalker (Guardians that walk around) and a Guardian Skywatcher (flying Guardians). Keep in mind that exclamation points appear on your screen when you’ve got the right shot.

Warp to Oman Au shrine on the Great Plateau, and enter to take a picture of a Guardian Scout (small Guardians). (You can see the images that worked for us in the gallery above.)

Once you have those three pictures in your inventory, return to Loone, and speak to her. She’ll let you take Roscoe the ball. Place it on the nearby pedestal, and you’ll complete the Guardian Slideshow shrine quest and reveal Shoqa Tatone shrine.

Shoqa Tatone (A Modest Test of Strength) shrine location, treasure chests and puzzle solutions

Inside, you’ll find a modest test of strength, which involves a Guardian Scout II. As always, use Guardian weapons, because they’re the most powerful against their namesakes. And use the pillars as cover when the attacks get too strong.

Your enemy wields a Guardian Spear+ Long Throw and a Guardian Shield+ Durability Up, which you’ll get as a rewards for defeating it. You'll also find a treasure chest with a Royal Broadsword Long Throw on your way out, just before meeting Namika Ozz and collecting your spirit orb.