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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Tho Kayu shrine hidden location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Tho Kayu’s blessing

How to find Tho Kayu shrine

The most difficult thing about Tho Kayu shrine is finding the darn thing (because it’s hidden). Tho Kayu shrine is located in west of Gerudo Town in the middle of the desert. Browse the gallery above for precise positioning, but in short, the easiest way to find Tho Kayu shrine is to travel to Daqo Chisay shrine, just outside of Gerudo Town, place a marker on the map to the far west of the city, and begin your journey.

How to defeat the Molduga

You’ll know you’ve reached your destination when you see rocks scattered in the distance. As you approach, you’ll meet a Molduga, a desert-dwelling mini-boss.

To defeat the Molduga, you need to do four things:

  • Stand on any of the rocks in the area. (This prevents the Molduga from hearing your footprints and knowing where you are.)
  • Toss a remote bomb into the sand, so that the Molduga hears it, thinks it’s you, and swallows it. (Square remote bombs work best, because round remote bombs tend to roll back to your position, so when the Molduga jumps out of the sand to eat the bomb, you could get hurt or even die.)
  • Denote the remote bomb after the Molduga swallows it.
  • Jump down from the rocks and attack.

Repeat that process a few times, and you’ll defeat the Molduga, claim your rewards and be able to roam the area freely.

How to reveal Tho Kayu shrine

Now that the area’s clear, you need to light four torches placed on rocks in the area around where you fought the Molduga. Doing so will unveil Tho Kayu shrine.

Inside Tho Kayu shrine, just walk to the treasure chest to collect your Golden Bow Attack Up + 10, and meet Tho Kayu to collect your spirit orb.

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