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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Undefeated Champ shrine quest (Raqa Zunzo shrine) walkthrough

Sand seal racing and Raqa Zunzo’s blessing

How to find Raqa Zunzo shrine and The Undefeated Champ shrine quest

Raqa Zunzo shrine is located in southwestern Hyrule, just south of Gerudo Town. It’s also one of the few shrine quests with a prerequisite: You must defeat Divine Beast Vah Naboris before you can start.

Travel to the area in your map labeled as Sand-Seal Rally, where you’ll meet Shabonne and Tali. Pay 50 rupees to race, and complete the race in less than 90 seconds to complete The Undefeated Champ shrine quest.

The race is pretty simple, really. You just have to cross through several markers while riding a sand seal. A couple of tips, though:

  • Make sure you have a shield. You can’t sand seal surf without one.
  • Save your boost for areas where you don’t have to do much turning — like, say, the beginning. Turning is your enemy because you’re bound to hit things. And the faster you go, the wider you’ll swing, and the more you’ll crash into objects.
  • When the rocks start falling, move to the left of the course.
  • If you’re having trouble planning your route, browse the gallery above to prepare.

Complete the race in less than 90 seconds, and you’ll earn access to Raqa Zunzo shrine. If you fail, just try it again. There’s no shame in that (we keep telling ourselves).

Raqa Zunzo shrine treasure

Getting to Raqa Zunzo shrine is its own reward. All you have to do place the ball in its hole, enter, open the treasure chest for a Radiant Shield Shield Guard Up + 10, meet Raqa Zunzo, and collect your spirit orb.

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