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Zelda: Breath of the Wild cooking guide: 10 recipes worth remembering

Recipes for eating, drinking and selling

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can mix all sorts of ingredients you find on your journey through Hyrule to produce different dishes and elixirs with useful effects. Some recipes restore life and even add temporary hearts on top of your current total. Others give you improved attributes (such as enhanced stealth) or resistance to the elements. Still others can be sold for quick rupees as you save up for expensive gear and upgrades.

In a lot of cases, you can start with a few simple ingredients, then add additional quantities (up to a maximum of five total ingredients) to increase the duration of their effects. We've selected 10 recipes that are easily created and serve useful purposes, plus we have provided details on locations where you might easily find those ingredients. You may find locations that work even better for your purposes. After all, Hyrule is a big place.

Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry

Early in the game, as you explore the Great Plateau region, you encounter high-altitude areas you can't safely explore due to freezing temperatures. You need a warmer tunic, which the wandering woodcutter happily supplies if you prepare his favorite dish. That recipe also comes in handy later in the game, since there are plenty of other times you must venture into cold regions.

To prepare the dish the first time around, grab some of the peppers the woodcutter keeps in the cabin, then hunt down nearby wildlife. The boars in the Forest of Spirits are your best bet, if you can shoot one in the face with an arrow. Birds, which are easier to hit because they move around less, also serve the same purpose. To find the Hyrule Bass, check in the pond just downhill from the Shrine of Resurrection (the cave where Link appears at the start of the game). Stand on an island or bank and toss bombs at the water, then detonate them so the blast kills the fish before they can swim away from you.

  • Raw Meat (hunt in the Forest of Spirits area, located on the Great Plateau)
  • Hyrule Bass (look on the Great Plateau, in the pond near the Shrine of Resurrection)
  • Spicy Pepper (in the woodcutter's cabin on the Great Plateau, or in the Gerudo Desert or near the statues east of the Dueling Peaks stable)

Meat Skewer (Assorted Types)

During your adventure, you need to amass a fortune in order to buy various armor sets. One of the best ways to increase your wealth is to explore the Hebra Mountains region, where you can find a variety of animals such as moose, arctic foxes, wolves and rhinos. You can kill them for Gourmet Meat or Prime Meat (make sure to grab any slabs of meat that drop in a hurry, though, or they might freeze), which you can use to produce skewers that sell for a tidy sum.

To create your skewers, combine five of a particular type of meat. Skewers prepared using Gourmet Meat fetch 490 rupees apiece, while Prime Meat skewers are worth 210 rupees.

Earlier in Breath of the Wild, you can apply the same strategy with more common meat, including the fish you find swimming in the river southwest of the Dueling Peaks stable. An Energizing Fish Skewer (which consists of five pieces of Staminoka Bass) fetches an impressive 260 rupees, making it one of the most reliable ways to generate revenue in your early hours. It also fills up to three stamina wheels, if you decide you would rather keep it around and use it for yourself.

  • Gourmet Meat x5 (wander the fields near the Snowfield stable, in the Hebra Mountains region)

Hearty Simmered Fruit

Combine five Hearty Durian fruit to produce a meal that fills your current supply of hearts while also providing 20 temporary hearts that extend your meter beyond its typical maximum. This makes it much easier to survive a battle with a fearsome foe.

To find the Hearty Durian fruit, look in the cliffs and forest northeast of the Faron Tower (in your overall map's southeastern region). From the vantage point of the tower, you should easily spot some Lizalfos enemies roaming among the trees that grow on a nearby cliff. Kill them and collect the precious fruit they were guarding. You should come back periodically, every in-game day or so, until you have built up a nice supply of simmered fruit dishes that will see you through the toughest of challenges to come.

  • Hearty Durian x5 (cliffs and forest northeast of Faron Tower)

Tough Mushroom Skewer

Since you are going up against enemies that can chop your life meter in half with every blow, you may need to even the odds a bit. Eating this skewer greatly increases your defensive capabilities while the effect lasts, and restores some hearts as part of the bargain.

To obtain the required Ironshroom components, head to the Lakeside stable area in the Faron Tower region. You should find some around the base of some nearby trees. You can also often find the shrooms in numerous other areas throughout the eastern portions of Hyrule. It's actually a rather common component. Take a picture the first time you see one of the shrooms, for your Compendium, and from then on you can find them more easily.

  • Ironshroom x4 (found near the Lakeside stable in Faron, among many other areas)

Mighty Simmered Fruit

As you go about your journey and talk to the Hyrule's wandering residents, you sometimes find yourself engaged in battle with mysterious warriors from the Yiga Clan. When you defeat those miscreants, they drop Mighty Bananas. Combine four bunches of the bananas in a single dish to greatly increase your damage output, and also to restore some hearts. That boost can be particularly useful when you test your strength against shrine guardians, since otherwise you might burn through your available weapons without landing a killing blow.

If you prefer to find bananas with a little less combat along the way, you can also sometimes locate them in trees in the southeastern Faron Tower region, such as those close to the Lakeside Stable, plus you can come across a whole stash of them when you visit a particular location late in your journey.

  • Mighty Bananas x4 (in the Faron region, near the Lakeside stable)

Sneaky Mushroom Skewer

There are numerous reasons you might wish to avoid detection in Hyrule, whether you just want to sneak past a camp of enemies, or you're trying to hunt animals and insects or even tame a wild horse. Armor is available to help with the process, but it can be expensive to purchase and especially to enhance. In the meantime, some food can help with the effort.

Simply find Silent Shrooms (they are most easily spotted at night, when they glow a pale blue color) near the base of many trees throughout the forests of West Necluda. You can often find a few if you head south from the Dueling Peaks Stable, across the BIg Twin Bridge to the forest that lines the river bank. Combine five of the shrooms to produce a dish that practically renders you a ghost.

  • Silent Shroom x5 (common in West Necluda, in tall grass near the base of trees)

Spicy Elixir

Some of the peaks in Hyrule's highest regions can't be safely braved without extreme resistance to their frigid temperatures, which is where this elixir enters the picture. It will let you breathe easy for several minutes, even if you haven't purchased premium gear, and that's time enough to go hunting or search out an elusive shrine or two.

To produce the elixir, you first need several of the Warm Darner insects that you can find in the Akkala Highlands. Travel to the Ze Kasho shrine, then head northwest along a hill to find a bunch of the winged pests.

The other ingredient you need for your elixir is Bokoblin Guts. Plain Bokoblins are found as early as the Great Plateau, but you need to track down the more tougher blue ones that have set up camps in West Necluda and elsewhere. You can also buy the guts at a shop in Kakariko Village, for 80 rupees apiece.

  • Warm Darner x3 (in Akkala Highlands)
  • Bokoblin Guts x2 (look for Bokoblins that are blue, since they will drop the guts, or buy them at the Kakariko Village shop)

Fireproof Elixir

When you finally head to the Death Mountain region, you find that even your armor works against you in the tremendous heat. To survive the temperatures until you can obtain some more appropriate gear, you need to rely on elixirs.

This particular elixir is easily produced. Just capture some of the Fireproof Lizards you find sunbathing on rocks near the hot springs to the north of the stables near the base of Death Mountain. You can warp near the stables, if you have discovered the Mo'a Keet shrine, then start north along the well-traveled trail. Move stealthily and pick up several lizards in a quick trip around the vicinity, then find several more of the creatures resting on the rocks bordering the hot springs. Combine four of them with random monster parts to produce your desired brew.

  • Fireproof Lizard x4 (around the hot springs area, near the base of Death Mountain)
  • Monster Parts (found virtually everywhere)

Electro Elixir

Enemies that can electrify you rank among the most lethal you'll encounter in Breath of the Wild, and they prove especially troublesome when you are first trying to meet with the Ruto people, or to ascend a particular tower positioned on the cliffs to the west of the Great Plateau. There's an elixir available to improve your chances of success, however.

To create that elixir, mix two of the Electric Darner (which you can purchase from the merchant at the Riverside Stable) with two Lizalfos Horn components.

Any variety of Lizalfos you might happen to kill has the potential to drop the horn, but a lot of Lizalfos enemies are capable of striking very hard. At least initially, you should pick on the weaker variety, which is typically located in the Lanayru Great Spring region or on the cliffs near Faron Tower. You can also find the icy variety of Lizalfos in the snowfields of the Hebra Mountain region, if you're looking for a stiffer challenge.

  • Electric Darner x2 (buy from Beedle at Riverside Stable)
  • Lizalfos Horn (dropped by all Lizalfos varieties, but you can dependably find some weaker ones on the cliffs near Faron Tower)

Energizing Elixir

Hyrule is a grand place, with all sorts of possibilities for exploration. A lot of times, you need to ascend mountains. Running out of stamina partway through a climb is frustrating, and the good news is that it doesn't have to happen. Simply bring along a few of the right elixirs and you can climb without worry.

To brew one of the most common of those elixirs, combine a common Bokoblin Horn with a less common Restless Cricket. If you're having trouble finding the crickets, either purchase them from Beedle (he keeps them in stock near the Dueling Peaks Stable), or venture out into the grassy surrounding areas. You have to chop at the grass and pay close attention to the ground, since the crickets are difficult to spot and will bound away when you get near. If you have the rupees to spare, it's probably just easier to make the purchase and spend your time elsewhere.

  • Restless Cricket x4 (Beedle sells them near the Dueling Peaks Stable, or check in grassy surrounding areas)
  • Bokoblin Horn (find Bokoblins all over the place, including on the Great Plateau and near the Dueling Peaks stable)

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