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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Hylian Homeowner side quest

What does buying a house even do?

Breath of the Wild’s "Hylian Homeowner" side quest begins in Hateno Village. Over a bridge behind Myham Agana shrine, you’ll find three construction workers — Bolson, Karson and Hudson — hanging around a dilapidated house. Speaking to them sets the events of two quests in motion. This guide is all about getting Link a house — and the benefits of becoming a homeowner.

Hylian Homeowner part 1: Meeting Bolson and buying the house

Speak to Bolson (he's the guy with the pink headband behind the house), and purchase the house for 3,000 rupees and 30 bundles of wood.

Buying the house also sets in motion Breath of the Wild’s "From the Ground Up" side quest, a long and winding series of events that revolves around Hudson the construction worker and his mission to build a town (from the ground up) with your help.

If you don’t have the rupees, this is a perfect time to visit a local merchant and sell your gems — diamonds, topaz, rubies, amber, flint, whatever you’ve got. Of course, you aren’t limited to selling gemstones, so feel free to unburden yourself of some of the horns, talons, hooves, monster parts and even meals and elixirs you’re carrying. You can always kill more enemies and cook more food to replenish your stock.

There are also plenty of trees in the area surrounding Hateno Village, so get to chopping to collect your wood as needed.

Hylian Homeowner part 2: Furnishing your house

After you become the titular Hylian homeowner, you still need to furnish your house. Bolson can help you with this, too.

Everything you purchase will cost 100 rupees, and you have many options:

  • bed (1)
  • bow mounts (3)
  • door (1)
  • flowers (1)
  • lighting (1)
  • shield mounts (3)
  • sign (1)
  • trees (1)
  • weapon mounts (2)

That’s 1,400 rupees, all in (or 4,400 rupees, if you count buying the house, too). Buy everything, and you’ll complete the "Hylian Homeowner" side quest. It’s easy, if expensive (and lengthy, because Bolson takes his time).

What you get for buying a house

Buy your house and its upgrades, and you’ll have a place to sleep at any time. That means you can restore your health for free. It’s also a great way to complete the "Under a Red Moon" shrine quest, which requires you to wait for a Blood Moon.

Buying all of the mounts allows you to store bows, shields and weapons you’d rather not throw away. If you ever want them, just return to your house and grab ‘em.

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