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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: A Royal Recipe side quest walkthrough and old cookbook locations

Fruitcake and monster cake

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s "A Royal Recipe" side quest begins at Riverside Stable, right next to Wahgo Katta shrine. There, you’ll meet Gotter, "a beautiful man who works the stables" who’s "completely infatuated with the cuisine once favored by the Hyrulian royal family," according to the quest’s description. "Some old cookbooks may still be lying around Hyrule Castle," it says.

In fact, they are. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find them and what you need to do to finish "A Royal Recipe."

How to get into Hyrule Castle

The path to the old cookbooks leads you past Saas Ko'sah shrine, which is hidden within Hyrule Castle. You can read our full Saas Ko'sah shrine guide for the detailed directions, but in short look for a cave from the north shore across the moat from Hyrule Castle. That’ll lead you to the docks, where you can find the shrine. (Browse the gallery above for precise locations.)

How to find the old cookbooks in Hyrule Castle

There’s a staircase behind Saas Ko'sah shrine that leads to the library (after you use magnesis to move the bookcase out of your way). Be prepared to fight several Lizalfos enemies both on the ground floor and on the areas up the stairs.

Inside the library, you’re looking for two books. One is on a table in the middle of the first floor. The second in on one of the walkways that ring the room — on the side where you have to use magnesis to create a pathway across.

Read the books, and you’ll learn two recipes:

  • Fruitcake: as many as three different fruits, Tabantha wheat and cane sugar
  • Monster cake: monster extract, Tabantha wheat, goat butter and cane sugar

How to finish A Royal Recipe side quest

Return to Riverside Stable (right next to Wahgo Katta shrine). Outside, you’ll find a cooking pot. Mix the ingredients above, create fruitcake and/or monster cake, and talk to Gotter.

You only need to present one dish to him to complete the side quest and receive a silver rupee (worth 100 rupees). Talk to him again after you’ve cooked the other dish, and you’ll get another silver rupee.

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