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Stranded on Eventide shrine quest (Korgu Chideh shrine) location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Stranded on Eventide

How to find Korgu Chideh shrine: Korgu Chideh is located on Eventide Island in southeastern Hyrule, in the Faron Tower region.

Fast travel to the Muwo Jeem shrine, ascend the nearby slope, then jump out from a high point and start paragliding across the ocean in the direction of Eventide Island to the east. Unless you have at least one additional ring of stamina beyond the default, you need stamina-restoring items in order to safely glide the whole distance.

Once you arrive, you must clear a special challenge and then the shrine will appear on the cliffs at the Eventide Island's highest point. (Browse the gallery below for the precise location.)

How to survive the Korgu Chideh shrine quest

When you first arrive on the beach, your supplies are taken away. You have to survive using only your wits and whatever supplies you can scavenge from the vicinity, and enemies hit harder than usual because you have no armor.

Your objective is to place three metal orbs on altars located on each of the triangular island's three edges. You can't save your progress along the way, either. If you fail, you must start again from the beginning, so find supplies quickly and use them sparingly. Avoid combat when you can, sneak attack enemies when you must and always pay close attention to your surroundings.

How to find and place the first orb

  1. Head along the beach near the Eventide Island’s north side, and look for high platforms built around a tree, with patrolling red and blue Bokoblins.
  2. Grab the orb the Bokoblins are guarding, and carry it back through the jungle toward the pedestal.
  3. Throw the orb toward the pedestal, and let it drop into the water.
  4. Use the cryonis rune to produce an ice platform that lifts the floating orb above the water's surface.
  5. Stand on the same ice column, and toss the orb so that it lands on the pedestal.
  6. If necessary, hop over to the pedestal and drop the orb into the recess to activate the altar.

How to find and place the second orb

  1. Approach the Eventide Island’s southeastern corner, and climb along the high cliff in that direction to find an enemy encampment.
  2. Kill the Moblin and the Bokoblins guarding the ruins.
  3. Near the edge of the area, find the huge slab of stone lying across the altar.
  4. Use the stasis rune to freeze the slab in place, then hit it repeatedly with a weapon until it turns red before the rune's effect wears off, launching the slab away from the altar.
  5. Climb the ladder to a nearby platform and grab the orb.
  6. Bring the orb to the altar, and drop it into the groove to activate the second altar.

How to find and place the third orb

  1. Find the high hill near the Eventide Island’s southwest side, with a large Hinox slumbering near its base.
  2. From a higher vantage point, paraglide out and land on the monster's stomach.
  3. Lift up the orb, and toss it to the ground to the side. Move slowly to avoid waking the beast.
  4. Pick up the orb and carry it around the side of the high rock wall, to find a stone-lined path that wraps around the cliff and allows you to ascend to the final altar.
  5. Clear out any enemies and then clear away rubbish using the magnesis rune.
  6. Drop the orb into a groove in the altar to activate it.

How to clear the Korgu Chideh shrine quest

  1. Once all three altars have been activated and Korgu Chideh shrine appears, climb up the cliffs to Eventide Island’s highest point, above where you activated the second altar.
  2. Enter the shrine.
  3. Grab the gold rupee (worth 300 rupees) from the treasure chest.
  4. Head for the exit, meet Korgu Chideh and collect your spirit orb.

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