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Breath of the Wild guide: Seek out Impa walkthrough

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Seek out Impa is the main quest you receive after you complete the Great Plateau. Impa, the chief of Kakariko Village, has information that will move the story along and begin unlocking the series of critical path quests.

How to get to Impa and Kakariko Village

Head east away from the Grand Plateau, toward the Dueling Peaks. There are roads that you can follow all the way to Kakariko Village.

Along the way, you can climb and activate the Dueling Peaks tower. You can also visit Dueling Peaks stable.

Talking to Impa

When you arrive in the village, you’ll find Impa’s house at the far end, relative to where you entered. Enter, and Impa will tell you the story of the four divine beasts, activate the Free the Divine Beasts main quest and add their locations to your Sheikah slate. She will also give you the Locked Mementos main quest, which requires you to visit the research lab in Hateno Village.

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