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Breath of the Wild guide: Ta’Loh Naeg Shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Ta’Loh Naeg’s teaching

The Ta’Loh Naeg shrine is all about Ta’Loh Neg’s teaching, which is all about advanced fighting techniques. Located in the outskirts of the Kakariko Village, it’ll teach you the following moves:

  • Side hop. Target your enemy with ZL, move left or right, press X to jump.
  • Backflip. Target your enemy with ZL, move away from your enemy, press X to jump.

Press Y to follow up side hop and backflip with a flurry rush, which lets you wack away several times at your enemy as time slows down.

  • Perfect guard. Target your enemy with ZL, press A to parry with your shield.
  • Charged attacks. Hold Y to build your power, then release to attack.

We’ve found none of these moves particularly easy to execute. After dozens and dozens of hours into Breath of the Wild, we’re as likely to get hit while doing a backflip than we are to get a flurry rush. Still, there’s something appealing about them, and we keep trying.

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