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PSA: You can respec your upgrades in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Want to swap some of your hearts for more stamina? Here’s how


One of the ways that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sets itself apart from past entries in the Zelda series is how you obtain upgrades. You no longer find heart containers hidden in the world; instead, you earn spirit orbs by completing shrine challenges. Every set of four orbs can be traded in for either a health upgrade or a buff to your stamina meter, allowing you to climb, glide or swim for longer stretches of time.

But what if you screw up? What if you hit a point and realize that putting all of your upgrades into stamina was a bad idea, and you need more hearts to survive? Or you decide you really need some extra stamina to to climb an especially tall mountain?

Breath of the Wild has accounted for this, but it can be easy to miss. Here’s how to respec your character upgrade choices.

At a point not too far into Breath of the Wild’s main quest, you’ll be sent to Hateno Village, a spot in eastern Hyrule, past the Dueling Peaks area. When you arrive in the village — particularly if you arrive during daytime — you may notice a small child playing near the gate marking the entrance to the village.

Talk to this child, and they’ll offer to show you something. Follow them, and they’ll take you to a statue that looks sort of similar to the ones you pray at to get upgrades but slightly more ... sinister.

Interacting with this statue will launch you into a sequence where it steals one of your hearts (!), but don’t worry. Talk to the statue again, and it will return your heart and introduce you to the concept of giving up health or stamina to gain the other in return.

It’s worth noting that this process isn’t free. The statue will pay you 100 rupees when you give up one of your stat points, but it will request 120 rupees to swap that point to a different stat. In theory, you could just give up a bunch of your stat points to build up a tiny nest egg of money, but that’s probably not a worthwhile tradeoff.

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