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Breath of the Wild guide: Ree Dahee shrine puzzle solutions

Timing is critical

  1. Walk forward and step on the orange pressure plate to activate it. This will start a platform that shuttles between the starting location and the next part of the puzzle.
  2. Walk forward again and step on the next pressure plate. Watch in front of you as a ball drops from the ceiling and starts rolling to your right.
  3. Just before the ball rolls off, step off the pressure plate to return the two platforms to their original positions. The ball will drop to the bottom platform and roll to the left into the bowl/switch-thing and activate the next shuttle platform.
  4. Ride the platform over, then go down the ramp ahead and to your left. Walk forward and stand on the pressure plate.
  5. As the ball gets to the end of the ramp, step off the pressure plate. Your goal is to time it so that the platform lifts and tosses the ball up a little, dropping it into the bowl/switch. This will activate another shuttle platform.
  6. Ride this one across to the end of the puzzle. Before you interact with Ree Dahee, turn to your right and look down.
  7. Drop down to the bowl and remove the ball from the switch when the platform is at the top — where you climbed off to get here.
  8. Head back up — there’s a ladder over by the two metal barrels and stand on the now-stationary platform.
  9. Pick up one of the metal barrels with your magnesis, then turn around.
  10. Extend your magnesis as far as it will go and drop the barrel on the switch you used to tip the platform.
  11. Turn around and jump to the tipped platform. Watch for the balls that will keep dropping from the ceiling and make your way to the top.
  12. Open the chest to find the climber’s bandana — a bandana that increases your climb speed.
  13. Run back down the tipped platform and to the left to climb the ladder again up to Ree Dahee to receive your spirit orb.

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