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Breath of the Wild guide: Bosh Kala shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

The wind guides you

  1. Run up the stairs in front of you and on your left. Jump off the platform and use your paraglider to let the breeze carry you across the room.
  2. Open the chest for some amber.
  3. Drop back to the floor and go up the stairs in the middle of the room — directly ahead of where you started. At the top, turn left. Jump again and paraglide your way across the gap. There’s a screen at the far side that will stop you from going too far.
  4. Turn right when you land and jump the ledge in the middle of the platform. Once again, the wind will carry you, but there’s no screen to stop you this time. You’ll have to drop onto the platform with the B button. The monk and your spirit orb reward are to your left, but there’s another chest to your right.
  5. Climb the stairs on your left a little, then turn around and sprint toward the platform with the chest. Jump and ride your paraglider across to the chest to pick up a soldier’s claymore.
  6. Glide across to the walkway in front of and below you, then backtrack to the last fan. Glide back — and don’t forget to drop — then climb the steps to the monk for your spirit orb.

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