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Breath of the Wild guide: Wahgo Katta shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Metal connections

  1. Turn right and climb up the metal boxes to find a chest containing a piece of amber.
  2. Drop back down to the floor and move the boxes to the next raised section with your magnesis. You’ll have to stack all three of them to get up.
  3. At the top, use your magnesis again to drop the panel to the floor.
  4. This next part is tricky (and there are a couple ways to do it). There’s no wall to guide where you place the boxes to get to the platform with the monk. Try to stack them one box-width from the edge of the platform — in front of the orange constellation on the wall.
  5. Stack two of them, then place the panel so it’s hanging off the edge of the platform. When it tips over and falls, it will complete your path to the top.
  6. Get your spirit orb and celebrate.

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