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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Akh Va'quot shrine walkthrough, treasure chest and puzzle solutions

Windmills and a treasure chest with an ancient core

How to find Akh Va'quot shrine

Breath of the Wild’s Akh Va'quot shrine is located on a hill behind Rito village, in the Tabantha tower region at the northwest corner of Hyrule. It's southwest of Rito Village, on the same island as the town in Lake Totori. Check out the maps in the gallery below to see the precise location.

How to solve the puzzle

  1. Equip your most expendable weapon (which is probably your least powerful weapon). Akh Va'quot shrine requires you to hit a lot of things. Because weapons break so quickly in Breath of the Wild (and every hit shortens a weapon’s lifespan), you should save your most powerful weapons for enemies, not shrines like this.
  2. Before you solve the puzzle in front of you, turn right and walk up the stairs.
  3. Shoot the orange switch in the distance with an arrow. That'll rotate the platform it sits on, and a fan will will blow the contraption in front of you and open the barred door.
  4. Open the treasure chest for an ancient core.
  5. Use cryonis to create two ice pillars in the water between you and the fan. There are two alcoves there, so create one ice block for each. (See the gallery above.)
  6. Jump down into the water, climb the ice blocks and open the treasure chests for a sapphire and a feathered spear durability up +.
  7. To solve the Akh Va'quot shrine puzzle, you need to arrange the fans in such a way that all of the spinning things (sorry for the technical jargon) are blue. Hit one of the fluorescent light-looking things (so much jargon), and it will rotate a fan.
  8. It is, frankly, easier to show you than to tell you how to solve the larger puzzle, so check out the gallery above to see the positions that the fans need to be in, and you’ll be moments away from meeting Akh Va'quot and collecting your spirit stone.

Update: Thanks to Polygon reader CJxSutton for pointing out that the original version of this guide didn't detail the treasure chest with the ancient core. We've added it above.

Update 2: Thanks to Polygon reader Sabrina for pointing out the location of two more treasure chests. We've added them above.

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