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Calamity Ganon and Dark Beast Ganon guide

Scourge of Hyrule Castle

How to defeat Calamity Ganon: Attack and defense overview

Calamity Ganon’s attacks should look familiar if you’ve completed the Divine Beasts. The creator of their bosses — Fireblight Ganon, Windblight Ganon, Waterblight Ganon and Thunderblight Ganon — and uses the attacks he created for his minions. As ever, keeping your distance offers you an advantage.

Beyond running away, there are a few things to do:

  • His Fireblight Ganon-like fire sword attacks are easy to avoid from a distance. If you’re confident in your parrying skills, wait for his arm to move, then parry to unleash a flurry rush. They also leave him vulnerable to attack, which we show in the animated GIF below.
  • His Windblight Ganon-like tornado attacks are easy to avoid, as long as you run as far away as you can. That makes them easy to see and run away from. The same applies to the wind-based attack that shoots a vortex your way. Run way, and move left to right (or right to left … you know, laterally) so it can’t target you.
  • His Thunderblight Ganon-like attack tosses metal pillars into the arena. Just get away from them so that you don’t get electrocuted.
  • His Waterblight Ganon-like attack hurls blocks of ice your way. It’s easy to avoid at a distance, but you could also use cryonis to break the blocks as they tumble through the air.
  • His guardian sword attacks are much faster and more difficult to counter. Blocking is almost certainly your best bet.

Calamity Ganon: Ground attacks

So, yeah. Calamity Ganon’s attacks aren’t particularly difficult to avoid, but causing him damage can be confusing. The best way we found to reliably damage Calamity Ganon is to concentrate on his little back legs. Wait for him to attack, and run around the the back, where you can swing away.

Calamity Ganon: Perfect guard and the laser attack

Calamity Ganon has a laser gun. He uses it when he climbs the wall like a spider, and he uses it on the ground. Just be glad that he’s using it, because this is where your perfect guard skills come in handy.

Back away, lock on and, when he fires his laser, perform a perfect guard. That’ll send the laser back to him, damage and stun him, and give you a window to whack away.

How to defeat Dark Beast Ganon

Surprise! There’s another form of Ganon to deal with!

Frankly, the most difficult part of the first phase is your horse, who (at least in our game was) difficult to control. Avoid trees whenever possible, because our horse sure liked to run into them and stop. As long as you keep riding your horse around Dark Beast Ganon, you’ll be able to hit the highlighted areas with your bow and arrow.

The somewhat confusing part of the battle begins at the end. When you need to target Dark Beast Ganon’s head, abandon your horse at the front of your enemy. Use the updraft created when he attacks to fly up, pull your bow and arrow and, while the world goes to slow motion, unleash an arrow.