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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Korsh O'hu shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

The Seven Heroines shrine quest

How to find Korsh O'hu shrine: Korsh O'hu shrine is located in southwestern Hyrule, in the Wasteland Tower region. Travel east from Gerudo Town, past bones and sand, to reach the East Gerudo Ruins. (Browse the gallery below for the precise location.)

How to reveal the Korsh O'hu shrine entrance

When you reach the ruins, you will see seven enormous statues, each facing out toward the center of the ruins, with giant swords in front of them. From the base of the swords, pedestals extend, each with a shallow basin. Your goal is place each of seven orbs in the appropriate openings to reveal the shrine.

  1. Use magnesis to gather six readily available orbs near the center of the area (four are lying near pedestals, and two are half buried in sand along the rim of the area).
  2. Scale the statue along the north side of the ruins. You can tell it's the right one from the ground level because the sword it holds is broken and there is an O-shaped emblem on the hilt.
  3. Find the orb along the top of the statue and drop it to the lower area, then descend to the sandy area at the base of the statues.
  4. Find the orb you just dropped, the one with the light orange O, and drop it in that statue's basin.
  5. Deposit the orb with the : symbol engraved on its surface in the next basin to the right.
  6. Continuing clockwise, deposit the orb with a green lowercase L or ∫ on its surface in the next basin in that direction.
  7. Deposit the orb with the misshaped crescent or C or ☾ or fire in the next basin.
  8. In the next basin, deposit the orb with the lavender Roman numeral II carved on its surface.
  9. Deposit the orb with a red comma or apostrophe on its surface in the next basin.
  10. Deposit the orb that looks like a capital V or A or ∧ (depending on viewing angle) in the final basin.

Here are the symbols and their locations, as if you were looking from the top down:

If you are having difficulty with the above directions, note that you can find markings on each statue to let you know which orb belongs in its basin. The markings are sometimes on the lowest level, near the statue's feet, or on an upper level near the sword's hilt or the statue's face.

How to clear the Korsh O'hu shrine quest

  1. Enter the shrine that appears in the center of the ruins, once all seven orbs are properly placed in their corresponding basins.
  2. Grab the Moonlight Scimitar from the treasure chest.
  3. Head for the exit, meet Korsh O'hu, and collect your spirit orb.