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Misae Suma shrine (The Perfect Drink and Noble Pursuit shrine quest) location, treasure and puzzle solutions

The Perfect Drink shrine quest

How to find Misae Suma shrine: Misae Suma shrine is located in southwestern Hyrule, in the Wasteland Tower region. From Gerudo Town, head southeast past the observation tower. Continue southeast to reach a large rock outcropping, and walk around to its south side to find your destination. (Browse the gallery below for the precise location.)

How to gain entry to Misae Suma shrine

  1. Talk to Pokki, who blocks your shrine. She mentions wanting to drink some Noble Pursuit.
  2. Travel back to Gerudo Town (you can fast travel to Daqo Chisay shrine if you like).
  3. Head inside the front gate, then take a sharp right and pass through an archway in that direction. Climb some stairs to find another shop, where you can meet with a woman named Furosa.
  4. Volunteer to retrieve a block of ice so Furosa can make more of her famous drink.
  5. In the early morning hours, head due north from Gerudo Town, through some ruins. Make sure to clear out any Fire Lizalfos enemies you find along the way, particularly those along the right side.
  6. On the far side of the ruins, find the Icehouse. Head around the large boulder and descend some stairs.
  7. In the small underground chamber, talk with Anche.
  8. Take a block of ice and head back the way you came, now sticking to the left side of the ruins where you cleared out the fire-breathing Lizalfos foes a moment ago.
  9. As you approach the far side of the ruins, near Gerudo Town, head up the steps and meet with Furosa, who is waiting for you on a platform.
  10. Travel back to the Misae Suma shrine to deliver the good news to Pokki. Fast travel is not available.

How to clear the Misae Suma shrine quest

  1. Enter the Misae Suma shrine, once Pokki leaves to go drinking.
  2. Grab the diamond from the treasure chest.
  3. Head for the exit, meet Misae Suma and collect your spirit orb.

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