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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Goma Asaagh shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

A Major Test of Strength

How to find Goma Asaagh shrine: Goma Asaagh is located in northwestern Hyrule, in the Hebra Tower region. Look at Hebra Peak, just under the map text indicating that region's name. If you have cleared Shada Naw shrine, you can fast travel there and then head southeast to quickly reach your destination. (Browse the gallery below for the precise location.)

How to access Goma Asaagh shrine

When you find the shrine, it is visible but inaccessible. You can fix that in a hurry.

  1. Equip a flame-based blade, if you have one, and stand near the front center of the wall of ice.
  2. Keep pushing against the ice, and it should slowly start to melt, until there is very nearly an opening.
  3. Drop Flint and Wood and slash it with a metal weapon to build a fire in that space, which will more quickly remaining ice.
  4. Defeat the Black Moblin that attacks.
  5. Approach the shrine, once a path is clear, and melt the ice around the pedestal so that you can activate and enter the shrine.

How to defeat the Guardian Scout IV

Wear the strongest armor to this battle that you can, and bring guardian weapons with high damage output. Begin by drinking an elixir that improves your attack power, then move in close and strike your opponent with Flurry Rush attacks when possible. After it attacks a few times with its armaments, the guardian will typically use a whirling attack, so get out of the way and then move in quickly to land a few more strikes. Elemental arrows also work nicely when you need to attack from a distance. When the guardian collapses and a laser tracks your movement, the guardian is almost dead and you have a limited amount of time to hack it to pieces before it starts doing serious damage that is difficult to sustain.

Your prize when you win is a Royal Claymore and a spirit orb, as well as the usual assortment of guardian parts.

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