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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Rok Uwog shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Power of Reach

How to find Rok Uwog shrine: Rok Uwog shrine is located in northwestern Hyrule, in the Hebra Tower region. Starting from the Snowfield Stable, head northwest across the S. Tabantha Snowfield. Ascend along the washed out road to reach a cavernous area, with columns. Proceed through the columns to find the shrine. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to solve the Rok Uwog shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

Before you dive in, we wanted to let you know that there's another way to attack this shrine. According to a tip from Polygon reader Michael, "rather than carrying the metal block with magnesis all the way to the other side, you can shoot the barrels at the top of them to topple them over off the pressure pad."

  1. Ahead of the entrance, on a ledge to the right, you should see a treasure chest.
  2. Use magnesis to bring the chest down to the floor level.
  3. Open the chest to obtain the Drillshaft.
  4. Check the area to the left of the shrine's entrance to find leaves covering an opening along the wall.
  5. Stand on one side of the torch, and fire your arrow so it passed through the flames and catches on fire, then burns away the leaves and some crates behind them.
  6. Pass through the new opening.
  7. Defeat a Guardian Scout that approaches from your right.
  8. Use magnesis to slide a metal block to the side and lower a ramp.
  9. Ascend the ramp, then descend the next one to reach a new corridor.
  10. Defeat a second Guardian Scout.
  11. Check the right side of the wall, along the passage the enemy was guarding, to look through the bars and see some barrels resting on a switch.
  12. Backtrack the way you came, and use magnesis to lift the block and push it through the opening that you created when you burned the leaves in the first room.
  13. Follow the block into that first room, and then lift it with magnesis again, this time so that it is positioned near the top of the wall that was directly ahead of you when you first entered the shrine.
  14. Drop the block through the hole that is visible at that upper level, which will cause it to fall into the room that you saw a moment ago, with the barrels and switch.
  15. Head back around so that you can view that room through the bars again, and use magnesis to slide the block so that it pushes the barrels out of your way and comes to rest on the switch.
  16. Pass through the doorway that opens.
  17. Grab the small key from a chest that rests on a pedestal to your right.
  18. Climb the nearby ladder to return to the shrine's first chamber, saving yourself some backtracking.
  19. Use the key to open the door that was located to your right as you first entered the shrine.
  20. Head for the exit, meet Rok Uwog and collect your spirit orb.

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