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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Maka Rah shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Steady Thy Heart

How to find Maka Rah shrine: Maka Rah is located in western Hyrule, in the Hebra Tower region. Look for Lake Kilsie, the large lake near the far west edge of the map. There are some docks near its central point, and the shrine is visible through a crack in the wall near those docks. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to access Maka Rah shrine

To access the shrine, you'll need to take a circuitous route.

  1. Head up a small hill near the start of the docks to find a pile of rocks.
  2. Use a remote bomb to blast those rocks and reveal an updraft.
  3. Stand amid the draft and jump, then use your paraglider to ride upward to the peak of the updraft.
  4. Glide across the body of water, past the raft, to the bank on the opposite side.
  5. Use a remote bomb to blast another pile of rocks, and then your paraglider to ride the resulting updraft once more. Let it carry you along the rock wall as you head north.
  6. You will find another pile of rocks, near water level. Blast those with another bomb, and ride the drafts so that you can glide over to the nearby island.
  7. Use another remote bomb to blast still more rocks on that island, and let its drafts carry you over to a high ledge along the wall on the lake's west side.
  8. There is a wide opening. Drop down it, and use your paraglider to slow your fall, so that you can land on a ledge near a pool of water.
  9. Swim through the shallow water that leads under a low rock overhang, to finally find the chamber where the shrine is waiting.
  10. Defeat some enemies that rush you, and then you're free to enter your destination.

How to solve the Maka Rah shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Ahead of the shuttered door, find two waiting torches.
  2. Stand to the right of the lit torch on the right, and fire an arrow through the flames so that it hits the unlit torch positioned on the door's left.
  3. Pass through the doorway to encounter a spinning mass of stone with spikes protruding from its face. You must run along its surface while steering clear of spikes and without pushing too far to the left or right.
  4. When you reach the far side, stand on the switch to make the wall rise ahead of you.
  5. Defeat the Guardian Scout enemies in the next room. The water is shallow enough that you can wade out, or you can hit them with arrows from the entryway.
  6. Cross to the room's far right side and use cryonis to lift a column of ice out of the water, which you can climb to open a treasure chest.
  7. Now repeat the same trick on the opposite side of the room to reach a switch that you can press.
  8. Head through the new opening and press the next switch.
  9. A spiked ball bursts through a wall of crates as you approach, so be ready to dodge to the side.
  10. Use magnesis to pick up the spiked ball, and carry it up the ramp.
  11. Turn around, and use the spiked ball to smash the destructible blocks sitting above the ramp.
  12. Use magnesis to collect the treasure chest, and open it for a diamond. (Thanks to Polygon reader Blake for directing us to this treasure chest.)
  13. Ascend the ramp and then start toward the right.
  14. To the left, a chest rests on a ledge. Use magnesis to bring it over to the ledge where you are positioned.
  15. Open the chest to find an Ancient Core.
  16. Continue along a corridor leading to the right and step on another switch.
  17. Get out of the way, because another spiked ball is rolling your way. In this case, the spiked balls come at regular intervals.
  18. Use stasis to freeze the ball in its path, then rush past it and ascend the ramp.
  19. Head for the exit, meet Maka Rah and collect your spirit orb.

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