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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Dunba Taag shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

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How to find Dunba Taag shrine: Dunba Taag is located in western Hyrule, in the Hebra Tower region. Starting from Hebra Tower, descend into the canyon and run along the canyon floor as it makes its way west. As you come toward a bend that veers south, your shrine indicator should point you to the shrine, off toward your right. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to solve the Dunba Taag shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. From the entrance, start forward and you will see the first puzzle directly ahead. A chute descends from the upper right, and to the left, there is a glowing plunger dangling from the wall.
  2. Use stasis to stop the rotating piece of chute while it is close to flat, so that the large ball rolls down the chute, across the temporarily frozen extension, and hits the plunger with enough force to drive it against the wall.
  3. Head through the gate that opens to a large chamber.
  4. Continue forward and take the next left to find a large wall of blocks to the left, and several barrels on a platform to the right.
  5. Throw remote bombs at the wall to clear away the obstruction and reveal a plunger on the wall.
  6. Grab a barrel and carry it to the left, to set it on a low platform ahead of the gap that waits in the direction of the plunger you just revealed.
  7. Use stasis to freeze the barrel in place, then hit it with a heavy weapon several times so that it turns red and launches against the plunger, opening a gate to the left.
  8. Pass through the gate and collect the Falcon Bow from the treasure chest.
  9. Head out of that walled area and continue along the room's left side until you find another opening, which leads to the top of a ladder that you can descend to reach a lower level with a large ball sitting on the floor.
  10. Roll the ball toward the right, just ahead of a slight ramp. You should see a large switch positioned on the floor, between that ramp and another.
  11. Use stasis on the ball, ahead of the ramp, and whack it a few times (not so many that it turns orange or red, though) so it will experience a slight kick once the effect of the rune ends.
  12. Once the ball hops forward and lands on the switch, pass through the gate that opens and grab the Great Thunderblade from the chest.
  13. Return to the large main room and continue around the ledge. You should see a large slab on the opposite side of a pit, currently positioned vertically.
  14. Grab a nearby barrel and place it on the ledge ahead of the vertical slab.
  15. Use stasis on the barrel, and hit it repeatedly with a powerful weapon so that the arrow indicator turns red before the rune's effects fade.
  16. The barrel launches against the slab, causing it to fall so that it presses a switch and opens a final gate.
  17. Head for the exit, meet Dunba Taag and collect your spirit orb.

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