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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Monya Toma shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Drawing Parabolas

How to find Monya Toma shrine: Monya Toma is located in northern Hyrule, near the southwest edge of the Woodland Tower region. It's a short distance south from the Serenne stable, and a short journey northeast from the neighboring Ridgeland tower. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to solve the Monya Toma shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. From the entrance, start forward and you'll see a metal orb sitting in a recess, with a gate to the left and a ramp ascending to the right.
  2. Continue past the orb for now, and look ahead and to your left. There is a crystal resting on the edge of a platform. Shoot the crystal twice, which causes the station on which it rests to rotate two quarter-turns so that a hire wire now ledge extends to the right, with a treasure chest resting on it.
  3. Now, lift the orb you saw and carry it up that first ramp. Note the column ahead of you, which periodically thrusts out and then retracts.
  4. Drop the metal orb when the column retracts. When the column thrusts again, it will send the orb flying to the next station.
  5. Place yourself in the same area where you dropped the orb, and let the thruster send you flying over to the next station.
  6. Let the that station's thruster send you flying again, and deploy your paraglider so that you glide safely to the upper ledge, where the treasure chest rests.
  7. Open the treasure chest for a Thunderblade.
  8. Look left and you should see a wall of crates. Shoot them with fire arrows to burn them into dust.
  9. From that same vantage point, shoot the crystal again, which should cause the station to rotate so that the thruster now faces toward a fenced-in area ahead of you, with a basin. However, the metal orb likely will also drop to the floor.
  10. Drop down to the floor and grab the orb, then carry it back up the ramp to the first station's thruster and drop it in place.
  11. The orb should fly to the second station, which will send it left to the third station.
  12. Let the stations propel you along so that you can join the orb on the third station.
  13. Drop the orb in the path of that third thruster, which will send it through the opening you created by burning the crates with your fire arrows. The orb will drop into the basin in the fenced-in area.
  14. A nearby gate will open.
  15. Head for the exit, meet Monya Toma and collect your spirit orb.

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