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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Ketoh Wawai shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Ketoh Wawai's Blessing

How to find Ketoh Wawai shrine: Ketoh Wawai shrine is located in northern Hyrule, in the Woodland Tower region. Specifically, it is in the Thyphlo Ruins, which are located due north of Kokiri Forest. You must enter that region by way of a stone bridge along the west side, and clear the Shrouded Shrine quest to gain entry. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to clear the Shrouded Shrine quest

  1. When you enter, Thyphlo Ruins from the west, a strange force extinguishes the light, and all you can see is an orange glow ahead of you.
  2. Proceed toward the glow to find a bird statue with a torch resting near its base.
  3. Grab the torch and swipe it against the statue to produce additional light (though still not a lot).
  4. Note the bird statue's beak. In this region, you have to move in the direction the beaks point, in an approximately straight line, until you come to another bird statue and repeat the process.
  5. At the first bird statue, look in the direction the beak points to see another statue that points straight into the forest. Light that second bird statue by swiping your torch, and continue to light each bird statue that you find as you advance deeper into the woods.
  6. Quickly come to a second pair of birds, which point still deeper into the forest.
  7. A single statue waits beyond that, pointing still deeper into the woods.
  8. The next statue points northwest, so proceed in that direction.
  9. Continue until you reach the next bird, which points east.
  10. As you reach the next statue, which points northeast, watch out for keese enemies that will attack. Light the statue, deal with the bats, then continue as the statue's beak directs. Make sure that your torch is still lit after the confrontation with those enemies.
  11. Proceed west from the next statue.
  12. Follow the next statue's directions and continue northwest.
  13. Head up a ramp to some high stone ledges with treasure chests and torches. There may still be keese in this area, especially if you've just kept running rather than stopping to deal with them.
  14. Drop down to the ground and continue to the next bird.
  15. Follow the directions the birds continue to provide, until you pass under the roots of a large overhead tree.
  16. Continue through what appear to be the remnants of several large statues, still following the pointing statue beaks.
  17. Find an altar, located near the forest's center, which indicates you are near your destination.
  18. Continue past the altar and light more bird statues, which wakes a slumbering Hinox.
  19. Defeat the Hinox and grab the loot he drops.
  20. Pick up the metal orb and carry it back to the altar.
  21. Drop the orb in the altar's groove to make the shrine appear on a nearby platform.

How to solve the Ketoh Wawai shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Enter the shrine, after making it appear by placing the metal orb in the altar.
  2. Head forward to the treasure chest, and open it to obtain the Ancient Core.
  3. Head for the exit, meet Ketoh Wawai and collect your spirit orb.

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