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Breath of the Wild guide: Rona Kachta shrine and Forgotten Temple location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Rona Kachta's Blessing

How to find Rona Kachta shrine: Rona Kachta shrine is located in western Hyrule, in the Woodland Tower region. From Rin Oyaa shrine near Snowfield stable, head southeast to arrive at the top of a deep canyon. Descend into the canyon, and you likely will arrive at the roof of the Forgotten Temple. Head along the canyon toward the southwest, and you will find that it drops sharply, toward the canyon's true floor. As you descend, look for a hole in the temple wall, which you can enter. Make your way through the temple to reach the shrine. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to survive the Forgotten Temple

When you enter the Forgotten Temple, you need to be prepared for a struggle. As you cross, mostly on high ledges, you'll have to deal with numerous Guardian statues that activate and try to hit you with their lasers. Often, you will face three or four of them at once, which makes it difficult to eliminate them or even avoid them (since running for one takes you into another's line of sight).

Use the available rubble to your advantage. It can shelter you so that you have time to target a single Guardian at once, with your ancient arrows, or by deflecting their shots with a well-time shield parry. However, the distance tends to be awkward, so parries are harder to perform than usual and you may take damage and break shields. If you're having trouble, save your progress frequently, as often as each time you defeat a Guardian without suffering unacceptable losses. Bring lots of restorative items, as well, and make sure you have powerful armor equipped.

There are roughly three sets of Guardian statues to push through, and you can ride gusts of wind to remain a moving target as you glide over the large corridors. When you reach the final batch, you might just want to make a run for it. When you reach the actual shrine, you are safe from the Guardians and can finally take a rest.

How to solve the Rona Kachta shrine puzzles and find the treasure chest

  1. Enter the shrine after surviving the gauntlet with the Guardians.
  2. Walk forward to the treasure chest, and open it to obtain the Great Flameblade.
  3. Head for the exit, meet Rona Kachta and collect your spirit orb.

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