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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Tah Muhl shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Passing the Flame

How to find Tah Muhl shrine: Tah Muhl shrine is located in northeastern Hyrule, in the Eldin Tower region. From that tower, paraglide south across Lake Ferona to reach the northwestern side of a small mountain chain. Continue south to reach the southern base of those mountains, where you will find the shrine. It is southwest from the Foothill Stable, and north from Trilby Valley. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to solve the Tah Muhl shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Start forward from the entrance and see a series of leafy vines covering patches of the wall ahead.
  2. Venture to the right to find a torch. You can hold your bow at the ready, with a regular arrow nocked, and it will light on fire.
  3. Still holding the now flaming arrow so that you are ready to fire, head back left and loose the arrow so that it hits the leaves that were directly ahead of you when you first entered the dungeon.
  4. The resulting fire will burn away the leaves and a wall of crates behind them, so that you can venture into the next room.
  5. Ahead, a chest rests on a stack of crates. Blast the crates near the base with a remote bomb to demolish them so the chest drops and you can open it.
  6. Look left, and you'll see a locked gate, as well as two chests on the other side of a barred wall.
  7. Aim an arrow so that it passes through a nearby torch and sets leaves on fire in that direction, burning up the wall and destroying the platform on which the higher of the two chests is positioned.
  8. The chest drops to the floor and breaks apart, revealing a small key that you can target with your magnesis ability.
  9. Use that rune to carry the key up and over the bars and drop it on the floor in front of you, at which point you should grab it.
  10. Use the key on the locked door and enter the room to grab a ruby from the treasure chest.
  11. Head back out into the main room and look to the remaining stack of two crates, which are holding up a ramp. Use another flaming arrow to burn them away, so that the ramp drops to your level.
  12. Before you climb the ramp, fire another flaming arrow at the leafy wall to the right. Aim high on the wall to burn away the leaves and reveal a small alcove with another treasure chest to loot.
  13. Now head up the ramp to reach the exit, meet Tah Muhl and collect your spirit orb.

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