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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Kayra Mah shrine (A Brother's Roast shrine quest) location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Greedy Hill

How to find Kayra Mah shrine: Kayra Mah shrine is located in northern Hyrule, in the Eldin Tower region. It is south from Gorko Lake, near the west side of the Gorko Tunnel area. You'll need to keep those coordinates in mind as you wander trails and climb around the hills. Before you can actually enter the shrine, you have to make it available by completing the A Brother's Roast shrine quest. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to clear the A Brother's Roast shrine quest

  1. In Goron City, head toward the southwest side of the city.
  2. Near the Protein Palace, you will find a hut where you can find Bladon. He is worried about his brother.
  3. Travel to the Gorko Tunnel area where you will eventually find the shrine, at the location noted above.
  4. Enter the tunnel and talk to Gonguron, who is weak from exhaustion.
  5. Bladon appears and asks you to bring him a Rock Roast.
  6. Head downhill from the cave entrance. You will encounter Black Moblin and Fire Chu enemies along the way, but don't stop to fight them unless you must (they will just regenerate in a moment, anyway).
  7. At the bottom of the hill, find several of the roasts, resting on a ledge near lava.
  8. Grab a roast and start back uphill, where any enemies that you defeated a moment ago will have returned.
  9. Set the roast in a safe place near the base of the hill, then climb up the hill and take out the Moblin and Fire Chu enemies. There should be around three Moblins and two of the Fire Chus. Clear them all out, because if they bump you or the roast, it will roll to the base of the hill and you will have to start your climb again with another roast.
  10. Once the enemies have been cleared out, grab the roast and carry it back uphill. The trail mostly keeps to the left of the slope, so veer in that direction.
  11. Near the top of the slope, a huge boulder drops and starts rolling toward you. Stick to the left wall and it should roll harmlessly past.
  12. Past the boulder, you will reach the cave entrance and the quest is complete. The shrine is now available.

How to solve the Kayra Mah shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Start forward from the entrance to find yourself at the base of a steep slope.
  2. There are three wide lanes to the slope. Large boulders roll down them, then spiked balls, then boulders again, and the pattern repeats as you climb.
  3. Stick near one of the dividing areas, which have periodic openings. As you climb, veer left and right between the leftmost and middle lanes, as needed to avoid coming hazards.
  4. Reach the top of the hill and climb over the rise to find yourself facing the exit. Behind you, the boulders and spiked balls will stop rolling down the hill.
  5. Before you exit, look back downhill. To the right, there is a high platform with a chest resting on it. Use the paraglider to glide over to that chest and collect some bomb arrows.
  6. Continue downhill, this time veering left. Watch the wall for a small alcove with a treasure chest, which you can open for a ruby.
  7. Head back toward the exit, meet Kayra Mah and collect your spirit orb.

The next level of puzzles.

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