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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Ke'nai Shakah shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

A Modest Test of Strength

How to find Ke'nai Shakah shrine: Ke'nai Shakah shrine is located in eastern Hyrule, in the Akkala Tower region. From the Dah Hesho shrine, head southeast along the grasslands to reach the Ulria Grotto area. The shrine is on the north side of the grotto, in a hidden chamber built into the face of the cliff. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to access Ke'nai Shakah shrine

  1. Stand on the grassy cliff on the south side of the grotto, looking out toward the cliff. You should see what looks like a weak patch of wall, with light shining through from the shrine on the other side.
  2. Jump out from the cliff and user your paraglider to glide toward the weak wall.
  3. As you get near, pull out your bow and fire a bomb arrow to blast the wall.
  4. The wall crumbles away, revealing an opening you can pass through.
  5. Glide to the wall, then climb up as necessary and pass through the opening you created to reach the shrine.

How to defeat the Guardian Scout III

Wear the strongest armor to this battle that you can, and bring guardian weapons with high damage output. Begin by drinking an elixir that improves your attack power, then move in close and strike your opponent with Flurry Rush attacks when possible. After it attacks a few times with its armaments, the guardian will typically use a whirling attack, so get out of the way and then move in quickly to land a few more strikes. Elemental arrows also work nicely when you need to attack from a distance. When the guardian collapses and a laser tracks your movement, the guardian is almost dead and you have a limited amount of time to hack it to pieces before it starts doing serious damage that is difficult to sustain.

Your prize when you win is a Sapphire and a spirit orb, as well as the usual assortment of guardian parts.

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