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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Tu Ka'loh shrine (Trail of the Labyrinth shrine quest) location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Tu Ka'loh's Blessing

How to find Tu Ka'loh shrine: Tu Ka'loh shrine is located in northeastern Hyrule, in the Akkala Tower region. It's due north from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Head down a slight bank from that building, and hang a right to climb a boulder, then paraglide over to the opening in the walled maze. Your efforts to reach the shrine from there are designated as the Trial of the Labyrinth shrine quest. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to clear the Trial of the Labyrinth shrine quest

  1. From where you first appear, head forward and you will attract the attention of a roaming Guardian.
  2. Duck left and run behind the high stone blocks to evade detection.
  3. Continue toward the back of the maze, and work your way to the back left side of the open area.
  4. Continue down a corridor that you find there to reach a metal block.
  5. Move the block with magnesis.
  6. Open the treasure chest that you find in the alcove the block was hiding to obtain the Giant Ancient Core.
  7. Work your way around the small passages and move toward the large block on the map (to the right on the map, from your current location), which represents the chamber where you will access the shrine. You should find a ladder, with a torch on each side.
  8. Climb the ladder to find some stairs. Ascend the stairs and start along that hallway until you find an opening to the right that is covered in thorns.
  9. Shoot the thorns with a fire arrow to burn them away.
  10. Climb that wall and head along the corridor to reach the end, where you will find the Great Flameblade resting against a wall.
  11. Return to where you burned the thorns, and continue along the main corridor as it continues ascending several short stairs.
  12. Battle the keese enemies you find along the way.
  13. Past the bats, further along the corridor, you reach the shrine and the challenge is complete.

How to solve the Tu Ka'loh shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Enter the shrine after clearing the Trial of the Labyrinth shrine quest.
  2. Head forward and open the chest to receive the Barbarian Helm.
  3. Head for the exit, meet Tu Ka'loh and collect your spirit orb.